1 December 2004

Our modern version of Marie Antoinette

Courtesy of Rob Sanchez Job Destruction Newsletter, noting the blatant doublespeak of Hewlett Packard head Carly Fiorina, who while lobbying for the recently passed increase of non immigrant visa workers, is axing workers from the HP payroll.
While Carly is busy lobbying for more H-1Bs, HP is planning on firing thousands of employees. If there is a shortage of skilled American workers as she claims, you would think HP would hold onto everyone they hired. Could it be that their HR department was stupid enough to hire unskilled Americans that can't handle the jobs they were hired for? If the answer is yes to that question, I hope that HP is firing their entire HR department for incompetence.

Carly's managing style at HP will fit right in with her political ambitions. Rumor has it that Carly wants to join the Bush administration as labor secretary. Many HP workers said that they voted for Bush just to get rid of Carly. That may have been a big mistake because she can do far more damage as labor secretary than she ever could at HP.

The complete sellout of the American worker continues unabated. It's everywhere in corporate America, and opportunity has been snatched away from Americans in a avaricious campaign for cheap labor by corporate chieftains.

Last week I interviewed a young candidate for a support programmer position. He had the appropriate university training, but lacked professional experience and was earnestly trying to get into the field he studied for. However, most all of this work (large system development and support) has been apportioned to offshore vendors, done in foreign locales or by non immigrant visa workers imported here to the States. And the strategic stance of most all corporate IT departments is to move all coding work to offshore vendors. Offshoring and importing of non immigrant visa workers go hand in hand. Everytime I hear one of these lobbyists or CEOs proclaim about a shortage of qualified professionals, I want to scream. Then my stomach churns as I witness the sycophant politicians obediently screwing American workers and selling out our once proud birthright.

But American voters keep sending the same legislators and president back, to receive more economic punishment, enamored with jingoistic rhetoric despite the factual data that speaks to the contrary.