4 September 2008

Obama Donation

I donated some money to Obama campaign. It's the first I've ever done this, at least on presidential level — a few years back I believe I gave a small gift to local Democrats.

For the record, though it might be tough to tell these days, from my postings here, I am a registered Independent and former card carrying Republican that voted Republican even through much of the 90s (though at presidential level, I cast "loser" votes for 3rd party candidates like Perot and Nader).

I felt so dismayed after 2004 but the stakes are even bigger now in 2008. The 2006 Congressional elections tempered the Republican "war on government" a bit, but a 2008 victory may really entail tragic consequences for the nation.

I realize many (like including my parents generation that think it's rude to publicly announce who you vote for and do their ballot selection in secret) shun "who I'm voting for" pronouncements.

It's not just about the issues. Yes, I can argue that I support Obama because…

  • …he's an advocate for net neutrality and McCain is opposed to it
  • …he's pro science and McCain more devoted to restricting scientists
  • …he'll implement a "kinder, gentler" (to steal a "Poppy Bushism") variant of imperialism contrasted to McCain's hawkishness
  • …he'll be better on SCOTUS justice selections
  • …he's stronger on honoring the Constitution whereas McCain's nebulous "war on terror" discarding of civil liberties and/or embrace of Unitary Executive doctrine
  • …while he's guided by faith, unlike confidants and groups McCain seeks to satisfy, does not wish to forcefully impose his view of religion upon the country
  • …unlike McCain, he's relatively free of lobbyists and special interests — just examine McCain's roster of advisors
  • …he'll depart from the woeful path and flawed polices of George W. Bush — mainstream media pundits portray McCain as a maverick, but his administration composition won't look much different than the present one

But beyond the issues, there are critical foundational questions about the process of government and complete corruption of the framework in Washington. First, the taint must be exorcised from Washington chambers. Restore government officers as the people's servants, not the province of a plutocratic aristocracy.

It's time to put adults back in charge of the storehouse.


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