17 June 2003

Shadowbane Subscription Cancelled

No mas. Enough. Battling with insufferable lag, login server unavailability, game crippling bugs, long existing exploits, and now duping has just drained me of any desire to play Shadowbane.

I haven't even mentioned the missing game experience at higher levels - the drab unimaginitive world terrain, absence of dungeons, limited spawns of higher level monsters, and foolhardy ease of which player built cities can be burninated.

I clicked the Cancel button. Unfortunately, I'm at the beginning of a new three month billing period, so technically my account will be active until August. Maybe by then, Wolfpack and Ubi will have implemented all of the required technical fixes, properly addressed the gameplay glitches, rid Aerynth of cheaters and exploiters, and patched some fun into the game. I think there's a better chance Ralph Nader can be elected president.


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