16 October 2008

Arizona 2008 Election Ballot Proposition Roundup

Generally, I vote NO on all ballot propositions unless I am struck that the passage is warranted and outweighs any unintentional consequences that may arise. For the 2008 election campaign, nearly all of these are framed in Orwellian fashion, and a savvy Arizona voter should note who is supporting and who is opposing each of these.

Prop 100: Protect Our Homes Amend the Arizona Constitution to prohibit new taxes, fees, etc. on property sales and transactions. Not a big fan of these types of future proof proclamations. NO

Prop 101: Medical Choice for Arizona Another Orwellian branded proposition, this seems to be more of a preimmunization effort against state provided healthcare. If it was confined to just respecting those that wish to bypass a future universal health care model, I would have no problem, but I believe it to be more open ended to restrict such programs from being born. NO

Prop 102: Marriage Amends the Arizona Constitution to stipulate that marriage is only between one man and one woman. Agree with the sentiment but lean more to the Ronald Reagan adage that government should stay out of the bedroom. NO

Prop 105: Majority Rules This really ought to be titled "Kill ALL Future Ballot Propositions" as this would amend the Arizona Constitution to make ballot propositions pass only with a majority of all registered voters, regardless of whether they cast a ballot or not. So if only 50% of eligible voters submit votes on a particular ballot proposition, 100% of them could be in agreement but the initiative would still fail. A ridiculous proposal. NO

Prop 200: Payday Loan Reform Act Another referendum titled in Orwellian fashion. Current law affecting payday loan industry is set to sunset in 2010 and the payday loan proprietors are acting now to insure their profitable practice of usury continues unabated. Not arguing for the total extinction of the payday loan industry but it really needs to exist a economic framework where the maximum APR is capped at something far less than 391%. NO

Prop 201: Homeowners' Bill of Rights Provides a "warranty" for new home purchases. That home builders are against is enough for me to be for it. YES

Prop 202: Stop Illegal Hiring Yet another questionably titled proposition. Opponents claim it's an end run around existing law designed to give employers amnesty in advance for hiring illegal workers. I think we have enough legislation on the books already and government would better serve us by enforcing the laws already in existence. NO

Prop 300: State Legislator Salaries A proposal to raise state legislator salaries to 30K from 24K. Everyone loathes pay raises for lawmakers, but here 30K is not an unreasonable request. YES

The local PBS TV station has a roundup of the Arizona Ballot Propositions you may wish to review also.


Naum- you have Prop 101 wrong.

It merely protects 3 rights:

1. The right to choose private health care (does not prevent government from providing assistance to the needy)
2. Protects the right to pay directly for LEGAL medical services (should not need permission from some government agency to buy something legal)
3. Allows you to opt-out of a government run health care scheme (whether for religious, excessive cost, etc.)

That is it.

And the opposition: funded by out of state health insurers and big doctor groups that want all of your health care money (and it is ALOT) in their pockets to do with as they please.

Please consider changing your vote to YES on 101.