12 October 2008

Bloodbath at Nova M/KPHX

Reported on radio-info.com forum boards
Apparently, Nova M owners Shelly & Anita Drobny have fired CEO John Manzo, program director/afternoon drive host Jeff Farias, sales director Kim Macias and webmaster Billy Foster. Manzo has been hired by Randi Rhodes for her show's independent production team; it looks as if Nova M is claiming that Farias left to pursue another offer made to him and Foster quit in protest, but Farias is himself claiming they were all fired. Leonard Clark, a one-time commentator on Farias' show, has put up a website, http://www.bringjeffback.com/, in support of Farias' side in the situation...

...and, strangely, the new CEO at the "liberal" Nova M is Art Mobley, who was quoted by UPI at a few months ago as a John McCain ally (shades of Evan Cohen)...

I wondered how long Jeff Farias would get to enjoy his post after the sudden shakeup in 2007 that estranged popular liberal talk host Mike Necomb from Valley airwaves

I detest most all of the Air America network programming — it's as shrill and hateful as all the bellicose right wing talkers everywhere else on the dial. It adds nothing to the debate except more divisive namecalling and belittling of those who don't agree with the host's viewpoints. The only exceptions are Thom Hartman and Jeff's show, though Jeff mimicked a good bit of the angry conservative talk guy MO. However, Jeff is the sole voice (local talent) on the dial compared to the gushing flood of neocon and right wing voices.


good luck jeff.

though for sole webcast, i'd reduce the show to an hour (or two hours, if phone calls taken) and line up interviews like you had on KPHX shows.

i will certainly tune in and give a listen (or looksy)…
Naum doesn't really listen to Air America radio as exhibited by his time worn descriptions of it. It is nothing like he says it is. Besides, Rhodes has not been on AAR for some time. Besides, this is about Nova M, not AAR anyway. Penalty points for comprehension.

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