24 April 2008

Nikki Buchanan fired

'Phoenix Magazine' fires longtime dining critic

She said much of the friction that led to her dismissal can be traced to a negative review last winter of Luc's, a pricey, fine-dining Scottsdale restaurant. In response to the column, the unhappy parties - owners of the El Pedregal shops and the Boulders Resort - pulled their advertising.

I used to enjoy listening to Nikki Buchanan when she had a weekend show on KFYI a few years back. Her program was a treat, and a shining ray of light from a station that is built on broadcasting wingnut venom. She was upbeat and always an interesting listen.

Props to her for standing up against the advertising moneyed interests.


Well, I don't think I will be re-upping my subscription to the magazine. Nikki was a favorite that stood for fun and dining with someone you could trust. Shame on you Phoenix mag....if a restaurant is not good it should make itself better not stand on invested money and names.
This is kind of the icing on the cake...can't stand the drivel jana Bommersbach writes but Nikki made up for that yellow journalism.

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