20 February 2008

Charles Goyette Interview with David Ray Griffin

Audio of KFNX Charles Goyette radio interview with prominent 9/11 Truth Movement author David Ray Griffin.

Download/Listen to Goyette/Griffin/caller conversation


Thank you for posting this very important interview.
Ever since "Chick Boss" F'ed up and X-nay'd Scott Conner, KFYI hasn't been the same. Now, word is "Chick Boss'" replacement, who failed to bring "Uncle Scott" back, and fired Crummy, and... replaced him with that DRY, Dull ex-political on the air; is gone himself. Maybe "Chick Boss" no# 3 will have the beak to bring back Crummy and Conner! YOU HEAR US CLEAR CHANNEL... Bring back your soul... Return to us Crummy, and our beloved "Uncle Scott".

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