7 November 2007

John was a great guy that lived on the edge and on trade

Long time Phoenix radio legend John Dayl passed away last weekend. I caught note on the radio-info.com forum board, but didn't see any "official" news account until today on the KFNX 1100 AM web site.

John was one of my favorite local radio talkers, even if as one poster put it, "much of what he said on air could be debunked with a simple internet search". Nevertheless, he was respectful of callers, and a genuine treat to listen to. The last few years, Dayl had been relegated to weekend duty, but always enjoyed a loyal Valley following who would bend the ears of radio program directors when they canned him. And frequent dismissals indeed he encountered — probably only Charles Goyette has served at as many local Valley radio stations as Dayl did.

I remember when I first heard Dayl — I had been living in Arizona less than a year when that the first Gulf War was fought. John was arguing against the war, taking on dissenting callers, and I thought it was a ballsy stance, given that ~90% of Americans backed the effort to dispel Saddam Hussien from Kuwait. John spoke his mind, and was far from political correctness. I don't think there's another radio host in 2007 that refers to women as "broads".

I reckon the creek has risen… …R.I.P. John Dayl…


right on! We will miss him and I am sure he never used the computer to check the internet!

We will miss ya

Don Z
I have listened to John For 12 years since moving to the Valley in 1995 my memories of him where that he was thre first radio talk show I listened to after moving here from New York I always found his show entertaining and informative . I wonder if there was a funeral? I remember him saying he did not care what they did with his carcass when he died .I will definately miss him
Just a few minutes ago, part one of two ended a wonderful tribute show in honor and in memory to John Dayl. Friends, colleagues, and even family members called in. It was wonderfully done. (Even Barry Young called.) A lot of laughs. It really added another dimension to the man, and increased my admiration for him. John Dayl was a class act.

If you missed part one, you missed a treat. But part two will be tomorrow: 7PM - 9 PM.
John Dayl was a very good man. I heard most of the tribute tonight. He has been my favorite talk show host since he came to Phoenix and KFYI about 20 years ago. I have followed him to other stations. I will miss listening to him on the weekend nights. I'm sure he is in heaven. May God continue to bless you for eternity John.
We will definitely miss John Dayl. I loved his voice and the way he was able to make everything sound interesting even if it was nuts and bolts. I loved his stories. He was a very unique man. I was able to meet him once, and I was so impressed because he was such a gentleman. My husband knew him and would tell me things John said by impersonating him- lots of fun. We don't appreciate enough of what we have until they are gone. I realized that he was my favorite talk show host of all time. We really enjoyed the tribute and we laughed and shed a few tears.
John Dayl was indeed a class act. He was truthful and honest. He was from the era where those two things really meant everything. Being an avid walker I would always be out hoofing it on the weekends when he came on. I will surely miss his voice, his straight on attitude and just him as a man. Rest well Mr. Dayl. The creek finally rose but we will hear your voice again.
Love you...Lisa
I was surprised to hear the other day that John Dayl had passed away.I'd listened to him since the early 90's and there was something soothing about that gruff,booming voice of his that's hard to explain; whether he was being prickly,controverisal or congenial, you found it hard to turn away from listening to him. It felt like you were listening to a real person, not a personality. I feel like I've lost a good friend.
John Dayl was truly an awesome personality. An inspiring human being. May He Rest in Peace.

I'm sorry but I forgot to say that I have a huge collection of his writings.

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