12 August 2007

Just Warriors ~ Just Wars

Just Warriors ~ Just Wars is my new weblog, dedicated to a biblical consideration of war and the waging of war. Anticipated topics:
  • foreign policy
  • principles of national defense
  • raisng, training and equipping an army
  • conscription
  • individual ethics in war
  • Just War doctrine
  • international law

... etc. & so forth.

As a Christian, it is my view that God is the final measure of justice, and that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are given to man by inspiration of God to teach us, among other things, how to do justice and live justly — whether in peace or in war.

I invite you join in the discussion.


Phrank, you are free to reproduce and post anything here that is on topic there…

…I've just reread "The Myth of a Christian Nation" by Pastor Greg Boyd for like the 3rd time, and I intend to explore the topics in the book in multiple posts here…

* the "Kingdom of the Cross" v. "The Kingdom of the Sword"'

* the myth of redemptive violence

* being pro-life, kingdom style

And the last chapter is most provocaitve…

* What about Christians and self-defense?

* Christians in the military?

* Just wars?

* Pacifism and passivity

* Oppressed overthrowing their oppressors

This book is such a gem, I heartily recommend it to any American Christian to read…, even if you are diametrically opposed to the author's sentiments
Thanks for your gracious inviitation. (BTW, would you consider adding a "Just Warriors ~ Just Wars" link to your blogroll?)

With three sons (ages 19, 16 and 14) — and with "War Czar" Gen. Lute saying we should be discussing a return of the draft — this topic has been near to my heart since way before we invaded Iraq.

I'm no pacifist, and would urge my sons to come to our nation's (legitimate) defense. Indeed, I would join them if at all possible. But certainly I don't see our present actions in either Afghanistan or Iaq as "defensive."

I make no apologies that I believe we should be a nation of Christians that studies and obeys the Scriptures. I'm convinced that, if we were, one of two things would happen in the arena of war. Either

1) our leaders would be more just in going to war to begin with; or

2) they would still launch unjust wars ... but nobody in the citizenry would come. (I.e., like the old hippie/peacenik bumper sticker used to say, "What if they gave a war but nobody came?")
Should have rephrased it - I meant you could post anything I wrote too there at jwjw… …of course, you're on the team here, you can post on any topic of your choosing at azplace.net!
Gotcha, sorry for the mixup. But as you say, either/both are good! Thx!

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