20 April 2007

How Much Cho to Show?

Personally, I've made a conscious effort to avoid television news, and an even more concerted campaign these last few days, because it was obvious in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech mass shooting, that this was going to be the entire focus of the big TV media outlets. How much can be said about such a tragedy? And now, many have been vehement and vocal in their opposition to NBC, who received a multimedia packet from the killer, airing the QuickTime videos captured by the deceased perpetrator of a horrific shooting spree.

Here, however, I shall cast a lot in disagreement. Look, the networks are going to fill news program slots with post-mortem either way, and they may as well present the truth, instead of conjecture or guessing over the nature and motivation of the ghastly crime. If the choice was horrific video vs. alternate programming, then it's a no-brainer. But, killer video or no killer video, talking heads will be spouting off on the matter anyway, and will fill the story with their own speculations.

Or, perhaps, the viewing audience could be subjected to prescriptive dosage of "we've seen the videos, and you can't, but we'll tell what was in them, at least the stuff we want you to know"…

Freedom is the answer, what's the question?


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