9 February 2003

Isn't this exactly what America's Founding Fathers were trying to prevent?

This is a Jan. 9 draft of a new, "Son of Patriot Act" that would give the government even more domestic intelligence-gathering, surveillance and other powers, while decreasing public access to information and accountability.
  • Generally increases powers under Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
  • "Wartime" emergency FISA wiretaps won't require declaration of war (103)
  • New "domestic security surveillance" powers (123)
  • Easier for government to get credit reports (126)
  • New "we ask, you can't tell" subpoena powers (128)
  • More secrecy about government detainees (201)
  • Return of "use crypto in a felony" sentence enhancement (404)
  • New Attorney General power to declare aliens removable as "danger to national security" (503)

Are there any patriotic Republicans who will raise their voices in opposition to Bush 43 and his minions as they continue to shred the Constitution? Is there any doubt that the Republicans have truly become the "anti-freedom" party, acting to curtail and destroy the dreams of the nation's founding fathers? It's as if Bin Laden and our other enemies were in cahoots with Bush 43, working to destroy America from within...

Credit and thanks to the Center for Public Integrity for exposing this affront to liberty. I reckon that Bush 43 and fellow goons wish become more clandestine in these proposed initiatives.

And I expect the sycophants like Bully O'Reilly, Pigboy Limbaugh and other conservative apologists will "skip to my Lou" and tow the party line and continue to tell brainwashed and duped Americans what an admirable man Bush 43 is. Yeah, the same guys who clamor for war, but yet dodged duty themselves. The same clowns who question the patriotism of those who disagree with them, yet secured the bounty of favors to avoid serving their country.



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