27 March 2007

In the reorganization of The Arizona Republic, some jobs got axed, and Plugged In was one of them

The Arizona Republic pulls the plug on it's Plugged In blogger section. I'm a tad bit confused if it's the "Plugged In" blog that's getting axed, or all blogs under the "Plugged In" banner. I assume that it means the whole feature set is getting killed.

Way to go, Gannett Co., by cutting one of the most prominent features that permits readers to connect with you and foster an online community. Especially, in wake of another recent decision to reduce content in the hardcopy newspaper, slimming it down for busy readers.

I have much more to write on newspapers in the 21st century. Stay tuned to this AZplace channel…


Hi naum,

I asked Bob Schuster, my editor, about this, and he emailed me back saying that there are no plans to curtail the rest of the blogs and to "blog away." I was happy to read that.

Jeff Strain
Southeast Valley Blogger--AZCentral.com
Thanks Jeff, for the update.

Though, I wonder how extensive support will be now, as it is, it is Sunday, and no updates — not a big deal for blog like this, but for newspaper site with columnists and bloggers, if it isn't kept fresh, it's going to wither…
Hi naum,

Even before I got a blog there, I noticed that the posting was pretty lean during the weekends (conversely, the weekends are about the only time I have to post). As far as the bloggers who don't work for the Republic, the reorg hasn't affected us at all, any more than a reorg at Google would affect Blogspot posters. I've noticed less from the columnists lately but the rest of the blog seems to be pretty active. Since it is a "spare time" thing, I imagine any lull is probably due to columnists keeping busy with new assignments and other bloggers running into a busier-than-usual schedule. I imagine once the dust settles with the reorg, things will pick back up again with the columnists.
cool, thanks jeff, will bookmark your blog too (even though I'm a west valley sort that shuns ever crossing I-17)… :)

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