24 February 2007

AZplace Searcher

It is Time to tout my Google Co-op Custom Search Engine. There's also now a link in the LINKS right panel for it too.

I don't know how many are aware that you can use Google to restrict a search to a specific web site. For instance, the search box here (located in the upper right of every page) will perform a Google search on just azplace.net pages. If you were to conduct such a search for let's say the phrase "talk radio" on the google home page search form, you'd enter this — "talk radio" site:azplace.net. And the returned search would show you only azplace.net pages.

Now, the Google Co-op takes that power a step or two further. It allows one to setup a list of sites that you may confine an internet search to. A way to search through selected sites is one method of filtering out undesired search results. For the AZplace Search Engine, there are over 120+ sites in the data bank, mostly all of the links you see on the right side panel listed under the LINKS heading. One can also designate multiple individuals to edit the list.

Not the be-all and end-all of internet searching by any stretch, just another tool in your online research arsenal…


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