22 February 2007

Dr. Mike Out, Stephanie Miller In

KPHX AM 1480 morning host Mike Newcomb is out at 1480/Nova M to make room for the Stephanie Miller radio show.
Apparently the Drobnys wanted him in PMD to make room for Stephanie Miller, and he didn't go for it. KPHX listeners are complaining because of the time/effort/cash he/they put in the bring the station back.

Newcomb goes from flagship unit and president of the fledgling network, to being out on the pavement. These are preliminary reports, so obviously I do not know whether the parting is as detailed above or is a mutual separation on kind terms so Newcomb can go off and pursue some another passion.

If it's as described on the Radio-Info forum, then this a terrible move by Sheldon Drobny. After collecting $100 "Founder's Club" subscriptions, he simply discards the most popular on-air talent asset Nova M employs, ensuring a dissatisfied set of listeners, who no doubt, will be promptly asking for refunds.

Drobny was one of the founders of Air America, and now it appears he's destined to have a lead role in the disintegration of another liberal/progressive talk radio network. Perhaps there is some sinister conspiracy at work here…

Haven't seen any "official reports" declaring this, either on Nova M web site, Mike's site or Mike's forums.


Nova-M dropped it's 2 best hosts, Peter B and Dr Mike. Why the hell can't liberals get their shit together - especially in these dark times? The Drobney's are probably being paid off by the neo-cons.
I tuned in Stephanie and it is like 'giggle radio'. I listen to Charles Goyette over on KFNX. I really don't like corporate KFNX because they also carry idiots like Savage and O'really, but Goyette is the real deal. I respect Stephanie and her staff as anti-Bush allies, but I don't listen to her show.
I have to agree with Jeff. I also now listen to Charles in the AM. I so miss Dr. Mike. He wasvery informative and give you something to think about during your day.
Is he on any other network?
"I tuned in Stephanie and it is like 'giggle radio"

Right you are. Her show seems to be aimed at the 13-16 year old crowd. Maybe that is where the money is.

I can't even listen to her.
Dear steph, sub mook, and smile mook,

I am hopeful you got my three christmas presents two weeks ago. I dropped them off at 834 e washington, phx. az. Steph might have to put on a few pounds to have the amercan flag drawers fit well; however I am sure the mooks will enjoy the GE weapons semi-trailer and the tiny timex train.

I really missed you over the holidays but some of the reruns and substitute hosts were quite worthy.

Now that you are back, I wake up a 7 sharp so as to avoid my depression meds.

I especially like the mook's work on Tom Cruise. Trust me, the 13-16 year olds won't know what a thetan is and I'm glad I'm not a thetan. A hub cap-sized award metal...you guys are a gas.
Sincerely, Dr. Franco Paco Francisco
Well, I know these posts are from last year but I'm thinking some of the people who posted them may come back and read this:
Attention! Dr. Mike is back on the air at KPHX 1480 A.M. However this time it is the 3-5pm slot. So, listen up and enjoy!
Hello, I have been listening to Air America and Nova M; I can't stand Stephanie Miller and obnoxious concern for "beavers". Not only is that an insult to all women, it is an insult to everyone's intelligence. Why is this woman on the radio? I never listen to her; surely the station has lost lots of listeners. Our society is Dumb, Getting Dumber and the media is the fault.

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