1 January 2007

Most members of the political establishment were notable for their absence

At former President Gerald Ford's funeral.
George W. Bush sent his apologies - he was too busy cutting wood and riding his bike - and almost 500 of the 535 members of Congress also had more pressing engagements, as the state funeral for Gerald Ford, the 38th president of the US, was held in Washington yesterday.

Wow, not that I'm all for big fanfare and incessant adulation for fallen leaders, but this seems to be disrespectful.


So at what event did Bush make his speech about President Ford? I can't keep track of all these ceremonies.
It was a great farwell to a good man.

Now in this age of secularism, separation of church and state and all the other muck that goes with that argument. Tell me again why we have a National Cathedral?

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