28 December 2006

Like we needed another one of these

KTAR hires Texas Bill O'Reilly clone
Darrell Ankarlo starts his new show on KTAR-FM on Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. If he stays true to form, he will be one of KTAR's most outspoken hosts.

Through much of KTAR's life, especially before it had competition from KFYI-AM, most hosts have been simply hosts, moderate voices who did interviews and took phone calls.

It has had some people with strong opinions as hosts. Among them are David Leibowitz, a former Republic columnist and the brilliant Tony Femino. For a while, they even branded the legendary Pat McMahon as "No More Mr. Nice Guy."

More recently, it appears to have gone back to having hosts rather than opinion makers. McMahon and Ted Simons have returned to interviewing newsmakers rather than being the stars of a show that concentrates on the hosts' monologues.

That could change with Ankarlo, whose website, www.ankarlo.net, shows him to be a flag-waving, Bush-supporting host in the mode of Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. With a liberal sprinkling of Bible quoting thrown in.

Ankarlo sells T-shirts that say "I am offended by...people who don't get illegal." The back of the T-shirt offers a handy definition followed by the word "Comprende?"


I was a loyal listener of Darrell's on KLIF in DFW. I sure do miss him. Ya'll are really fortunate to have him there.
Please, Darrell go national ASAP !!!!!