21 December 2006

Free-For-All Thursday

Questions clipped from the Andrew Tallman daily email, and I thought I'd bang out a few answers and maybe solicit some responses from you all also.

Should reporters mention the college a criminal attended the way they do when talking about someone’s good deeds?

Why not? Depends on the length of the report being given, I suppose.

Is it lying to use an excuse in declining an invitation that you would decline even if you didn’t have another engagement?

No. Sometimes, providing entirely too many details tangles one into bigger traps.

Are you afraid of your computer because of spam and viruses?

No, because I use Macs and Macs, unlike PCs, are free from viruses. Spam enrages me, but the mail client I use does an excellent job of weeding out the spam. And I'm not a big email person, I consider the state of email in 2006 to be broken.

Are Christmas lists a bad idea?

Depends on what type of "Christmas list" you are referring to.

How do you handle the “elevator conundrum?”

Don't know what exactly is denoted by elevator conundrum.

Aisle, window, or middle seat when flying?

Aisle, definitely. Sitting in window and middle seats will bring the onset of claustrophobia, and possibly panic attacks. I have an aversion to being squeezed into any small, closed-in space. Though sitting in the aisle on a plane will involve you in collisions with passengers making a dash to the restroom or flight attendants wheeling their refreshment carts.

5 CDs or a Concert: What’s the value of an experience?

When I was younger, no hesitation on choosing Concert over the CDs. Nowadays, I am not so certain — sensitivity to loudness and see above question for other considerations. Plus, once I rip the CDs into digital format, the music can last forever.


Just an idle comment - I find it interesting that someone who uses the handle "Neocon" chooses to engage in theft of copyrighted materials. Just saying is all.
How do you figure "theft of copyrighted materials"?

Sounds like somebody is being a bit presumptious.

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