16 December 2006

John Gambadoro and Mark Asher have decided to end their 10-year run as afternoon sportstalk-show hosts for KGME (910 AM)

Gambadoro, Asher end 10-year run on XTRA 910

10 years is an eternity in sports talk radio. A feat not to be shrugged at.

The two made the announcement as they signed off the air Friday afternoon, saying they wanted to pursue other opportunities.

After the show, Asher said the two had a clause in their contract that allowed them to opt out.

“We just kind of felt it was time to move on and explore other options,” Asher said. “It was a very tough decision.”

Maybe they just need a little break before dashing off to a competing station in the local market.

Never was a big fan of Gambo and Ash show, but for a great while, they were the only game in town, for sports talk radio. Others come and go, but they've been etched in that weekday afternoon slot for what seemed to be a permanent basis.


No doubt these guys end up on the new all sports talk radio dial. They are smart and looked at the writing on the wall. That station will be all the buzz, not to mention the flagship for sports talk radio. As soon as they announced the all sports station, most of my buddies already called the move. Bottom line is they are the highest rated local guys. There is no way that KTAR wasn't going to make a play for these guys. They are about to get a hefty pay raise and a new home come January.