13 December 2006

Has Barry Young jumped the shark?

"Why do you ask?" you ask. Well, seems that "Cruella Michella Buffy Lee" Larson — Young's producer and straight gal — is out of town on vacation this week. Yet she's still slogging through two full hours with the Mouth that Bored every day ... by telephone! Barry can't hang for even a week without her?

I sincerely hope this marks the end of the end for the "Nearly Famous Barry Young," a news talk-talk show that's taken way too long to die. You'd have to search dilligently to find a bigger waste of Phoenix air time — indeed, of Phoenix air — than Barry Young.


Gives a new wrinkle on "phoning it in" I reckon...

Been trying to give all the local shows a listen as I prepare the 2006 edition of State of Talk Radio in the Valley.

Only plus I can tally for the nearly finished one is that he'll probably score higher than the Larry Gaysdosz show...