6 November 2006

Arizona Election 2006 (Part 3)

Prop 100: Illegal Immigrant Criminal Bail

Prohibiting of bail for any illegal alien immigrant charged with a felony offense (scope defined by the Legislature). Seems like immigrant bashing to me, and I am voting against, as it doesn't change the laws already on the book.

Prop 101: Local Property Tax Levies

Michael at Blog for Arizona says: An illegitimate legislative grab for power over local taxing authorities. Punishes localities which have not used the full extent of their taxing authority and could unduly limit the taxing authority of fast growing regions. Substitutes mindless flat formulas for the judgment of our local elected officials. Bad policy, bad politics, bad for Arizona. Anything that transfers such control up the ladder is not good IMV, thus, I am voting NO.

Prop 102: Illegal Immigrant Civil Lawsuits

A terrible measure, as it parlays anti-immigration sentiment into a free pass for corporate interests to abuse and exploit, and gives no recourse for the application of injustice. Vote NO.

Prop 103: English as Official Language

Not the way a free state should handle these sorts of questions. Instead of following xenophobic and ethnocentric examples of French Canada, let the free market sift the language question out. Another knee jerk anti-immigration appeal that seeps into another agenda. Vote NO.

Prop 104: Municipal Debt

Sounds like a good idea to give local governments more flexibility in financing projects other than parks and playgrounds.

Prop 105: State Trust Land

Like the smoking initiatives, this one seems a counterattack to Prop 106, which is the better of the two.

Prop 106: Conserving Arizona's Future

Backed by an assortment of organizations, from all slants of political persuasion. Vote YES.

Prop 107: Protect Marriage Amendment

Backed by militant right wing conservatives and radical fundamentalist Christian extremists, this is the anti-gay-marriage amendment. Whilst I am no supporter of gay marriage, this is nothing but hate mongering in action, will have negative repercussions for folks who are not gay, and in no way really addresses the ills that plague marriage. A strong NO.

Prop 200: AZ Voter Reward

I've written of this proposition already — at first, I was opposed, but the more I think of it, I am inclined to vote for it. With all the vote supression going on, is a measure to encourage voting so bad? Yes, I understand the charge that it will bring more unknowledgeable folks to the polls, but it isn't like the people voting already have a good grasp of the issues. Vote YES.

Prop 201: Make Arizona Smoke Free

I think it's a worthy goal. Sorry, all my friends who continue to puff away. Maybe it will lengthen your life if you are prevented from lighting up, but more essentially, spare the innocent from the health ills of second hand smoke.

Prop 202: Raise Arizona Minimum Wage

Long overdue. If you agree that a minimum wage is a necessary thing (and I realize there are Libertarians that buy into the flawed notion that it isn't and would like to return our nation back to the times of the Gilded Age), then you must wisely assess that the mark needs to be raised, and that it is about showing dignity and respect for workers at the bottom of the economic chain. This, IMV, is the real family values issue. And recent studies have illustrated that other states that have raised their minimum wage have not seen spates of job loss as opponents have charged. Vote YES.

Prop 203: Early Childhood Development and Health Fund

Prop 204: Human Farms

On this one, I agree with Sheriff Joe Arpaio and am voting YES.

Prop 205: Switch to Mail-in Ballots, Close Polling Places

An unnecessary proposition and a total diversion from rectifying real problems with transparency and accountability in the voting process.

Prop 206: Tobacco Company and Alcohol Company Anti-Smoking Plan

Same as Prop 201, except would except bars and restaurants, which is the same as what is today IMV.

Prop 207: Private Property Rights Protection Act

A reaction to the recent Kelo amendment, and I am inclined to say yay, but I understand it's a trojan horse, and supported only by out of state interests. Up in the air on this one still.

Prop 300: Illegal Alien Public Program Eligibility

Another part of the illegal alien backlash. Not really going to stem the flow of illegal immigration, just a feel good measure that's really hate filled. Vote NO.

Prop 301: No Probation for First Time Methamphetamine Offenses

NO, shuffling drug abusers into overcrowded prisons on first offense is not a restorative approach.

Prop 302: Raise State Legislator Salaries

Yes, though it's not a strong yes.

Some other scorecards you can review:

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