7 September 2006

Tune in 93-3 Friday Morning September 15 at 9:33 A.M…

…new format for KDKB-FM 93.3.

35 years of delivering rock & roll to the Phoenix metropolitan area — now it's time to go and in its place, reportedly, is another Spanish language station. Oh, what a sign of the times.

93.3 KDKB rocks Arizona, not anymore.

Or is it just a stunt?


KDKB was at its peak with Tim and Mark and their sidekick BS Mike, who could never stop laughing. Once BS Mike left, the duo just went wierd. Apparently, one of the two started objecting to their.. err... vulgar content (try listening to 98 KUPDs Morning Sickness show for real vulgarity).

Additionally, KDKB is guilty (and in part, so is KSLX) of playing the same shit everyday. Nothing wrong with playing the great rock classics, but the same songs until you're sick to death is a bad, bad, thing. I frankly can't stand Boston anymore; AC/DC? all they play is, "You Shook Me" WTF? Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, same songs, despite a myriad of great albums and choices. For KDKB especially, it was all about not wanting to pay royalties for other songs. It's no wonder the station is gone. At least I can hear occassional good rock on KSLX (Golden Country-REO; Robin Trower; Pink Floyd (Shine on You Crazy Diamond); CSN and sometimes Y, etc....

KSLX still plays enough variety, though I hope they'll learn something and start playing better variety. KUPD-97.9 plays the good hard core rock- EDGE 103.9 plays the Alternative sound; KOOL FM plays the golden oldies, and also 70s AM Golds.
KDKB couldn't compete anymore; it is a shame....but not altogether surprising.
KTAR is apparently going FM as well (92.3); no musical loss there.
What I wonder is whether 620AM will survive as a sports only KTAR station. What with two at least already.....
but...KDKB is the only ones that play Rush!! and HIM on the same station! KDKB is the best...but its not going anywhere...this is a stunt...records companies are reporting it..
I agree. A pre-recorded message thanks listeners for 35 years of listening; then asks to tune in for the new format. Now why would they expect anyone to listen to an all spanish station that isn't rock?
Publicity stunt, just like KSLX did some years ago.
It also does not make sense that they would still be running commercials with Paul and Torgy touting some sports event for which KDKB is a sponsor. That gave me a little bit of hope when I heard that the other day. It IS fishy....very fishy.
They're playing entire albums right now. Very cool......
it's a prank! I work there
I agree, it is very cool to hear entire albums. They should play more deep cuts. I confess, I tried to listen to KSLX in the last week and they suck-diddly-uck! Even without playing entire albums, KDKB is still better than any other listening choices out there.
I'll go into mourning if KDKB's rock format really changes! KSLX plays the worst excuse for rock music I ever heard - I can't listen to KSLX, I've tried and they're dreadful.
This has all the dressing of a publicity stunt. KDKB, KSLX and KUPD do not compete. The same company in Sandusky, OH owns them all. They’ve diced up rock n roll in to small categories and give each station a slice of an ever-shrinking pie. As it has been, KDBK, which I consider to be their flagship station, has been playing strictly heavy metal. Listeners couldn’t even request anything outside these boundaries. I tried to request some old Genesis / Gabriel and was told no way. This format is doomed. Because there is not a sufficient supply of new / popular heavy metal, you get to listen to ACDC You Shook me All Night Long 10 times a day. A new PD with a long history of running rock n roll radio was recently hired presumably to run all three stations. KDKB’s format needs help and you can bet changes are in the making but Spanish Radio???? GOD HELP US!!! Where's Ruby???
A stunt it maybe, but I am enjoying the album format...
Agreed. And, they've surely got my attention. Until now, I never even thought about finding a forum like this. Now I've found two and know more about the radio biz than I'd known for 40 years (which still ain't much).
Zolton must be talking about KUPD playing the Heavy Metal. I've not heard Pantera, Slipknot, Disturb'd, on any other station (at least recently).
I actually listen principally to KUPD now, because in recent years there has
been a plethora of good, hard core rock.
I also like the fact that they'll play Sabbath other than "Iron Man", or AC/DC, other than "You Shook Me".
I guess I was too light on KSLX on my comment above; you guys are right about KSLX. They used to be decent, especially early on. But now they're stuck in the same rut, Doors-Light My Freaking Fire", Boston-"More than a freaking Feeling", or "Freaking Amanda", Pink Floyd-"Another Brick in the Freaking Wall"
But, I do sometimes hear a fresh song from out of the blue, but not often enough it seems.
I remember when they were polling listeners long ago about playing U2 on KSLX (must have been early 1990s).

My sister attended a discussion group with KDKB some years ago, where she complained just as we are. They said royalty costs go up playing deep cuts. So I must ask, how much is this costing-playing entire albums? And why can a flag-ship station like 103.1 FM play an incredible variety of deep cuts and hits, and still hang around?
Please KDKB don't go wetback.
That's a no class race of music and
culture. Expendable at best!
I used to have a KDKB carrot shirt from back in the 70s! If you change to a mexican format you will have SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get real and lets play some fucking rock n roll!!!!!!!!!!!
fuck u douche bags - it got to be a fuckin prank. the've been around for too long to just up and bail . just look how many people's attention they've been getting. just think about how many people in the valley will be listening FRIDAY MORNING AT 9:33 AM to see what their "new format" is gonna be. this should make the news and I think they're counting on it.
The 0600 Emergency Broadcast Message was in "Mexican" this morning!!! I hope this is all a stunt. I don't listen to the radio much during the day other than Drive time so I guess I was never bothered by the small play list. What I really liked was Alice and Dee's syndicated shows on KDKB. Those I'll really miss.
The only Mexican radio I want to hear is Authority Zero singing "Mexican Radio". Tune in? Uh, I think I'll be tuning out if this is not a joke. Is this really the end of another rock station? Ah, so many programmable buttons on my car radio and no decent stations to program...Where will Alice go? I will follow...
We all know that Alice Cooper broadcasts from the KDKB studio. If KDKB is completely changing their format would http://www.nightswithalicec... still list programming for his show for Friday night, and Monday night? Unless he's moving to a new station, but if that's the case, the web site would say this so he doesn't lose listeners. Just some additional thought towards the "publicity stunt" ideas.
If you haven't seen this thread on another forum yet, check out

According to these guys, a new web address was registered to KDKB last week. It's Movin933.com. Some are saying they might be switching to the "Movin'" format like Seattle's Sandusky owned stations, which - I'm clueless and don't know what movin' is. But,if you visit that new site, there is just one long morse code message. Several people translated that message to read, "Brandmeier returns, Monday, September 18, 2006." I remember Johnny Brandmeier in name only. Another contributor suggested that the Spanish version of the disclaimer we hear every now and then contains a word which in Cuban Spanish is the F-word. Whether any of this is to our favor or not remains to be seen. I was thinking, however, while listening today....what if we've been given more than a week of what we've been asking for, constant bad-ass Rock....as a consolation prize for what they are about to do to us......
that web link didn't copy. try this
O.K. - I will type it out http://www.radio-info.com/s...

If it's not copying over, I dunno. Fishy.
I'm blonde. Sorry - I just realized it's abbreviating itself. really - I am blonde.
Thanks Cheryl - there is a link to RadioInfo on the side panel, though I think it's titled Valley Radio & TV -- as that was the title of the site at one time, though it has changed ownership and underwent a number of different forum software incantations...
I've listened to more KDKB in the past week and half than I have in the past 5 years. Tune into 103.1, KCDX.com, out of Florence. The signal is weak in some parts of the valley but it is worth it for the classic variety.
Regarding what Cheryl posted last night about the site movin933.com ... the Morse Code there translates literally to "Oye Como Va." Not kidding; try it on any Morse Code translator -- the translation will just give you the arabic letters the dots and dashes represent, after all. Oye Como Va - besides being the title of one of C Santana's most overplayed songs - also literally translates to "It'll sound like this." Verify that with anyone around who speaks the language. So! Interesting food for thought on the potential switch to Latino format. If they do that, by the way, I'll change my preset buttons. It's just too late in life to learn another culture. Nothing against it per sé. Driving through El Paso a few years ago I heard a pretty good rock station -- all in Latino -- but the music needed no translation, as it was AOR rock like we all on this board love.
I had a dream last night that the only things the station changed were: the logo, turned into HD radio and added a web simulcast. Somehow, I don't think we are going to be that lucky.
Of course it is a stunt.. this is cheaper than giving away 1000 dollars to the ninth caller during arbitron rating time....

Then again, let's not forget, KDKB died years ago. Try listening to Radio Free Phoenix thru your computer.. like KDKB was meant to be in the old days.

KDKB now is top 40.. not top 40 pop, but top 40 pussy rock.. boring and dull.

Try KCDX, 103.1, good music, no commercials, ever. You'll hear good stuff from famous people you won't hear elsewhere.. when was the last time you heard Neil Young's "Cortez The Killer?"

In most parts of the valley, I can pick up 96.1, KLPX out of tucson for some good music.
just checked our their website.. yep, more of the same shit... how boring... and sad, that they have no more imagination... oh, but you can listen to them on the web... as long as you sign up to be one of their groupies... and like all the spam in your email.. fuk em... i want free music... what a bunch of twits...
93.3 KDKB is "Everything That Rocks"
Friday, September 15, 2006
Over the last two weeks there has been much speculation that 93.3 KDKB was going away and we all were going to lose our jobs. We had U-Haul on speed dial and we were all scanning the radio trade papers for new gigs.

Tons of you called, sent e-mails and wrote letters of support. Thanks, it meant a lot.

It is with a great deal of relief and much pleasure to tell you, the moving vans have been called off! The management and ownership of 93.3 KDKB has decided to KEEP ROCKING and to ROCK LIKE NEVER BEFORE!

They did make one change. The overwhelming message that YOU conveyed to us was that you wanted MORE rock. So with that in mind, we have worked very hard to put together a new mixture of rock and would like to let you know that we will now play....."Everything That Rocks!"

What does that mean? It means that we are psyched to play songs on 93.3 KDKB that you haven't heard in years. You'll hear new daily features, speciality programming and weekends that will separate us from the competition!

We want to earn your loyalty for many years to come. We're making a conscious pledge to listen to you as much as you listen to us! Let us know how we are doing. Let us know how we can improve. Let us know how you want to rock!

We already taken one of your suggestions and have now made 93.3 KDKB available on the World Wide Web. As of this morning, 93.3 KDKB is now streaming on the internet. Our website also received a facelift so check it out when you get a chance. http://www.kdkb.com

Thank you for all of your support in the past.... and please give us a chance to rock you into the future.


93.3 KDKB Airstaff
was digging the new format folks, until i realize after driving truck all day for 10 hrs a day, kdkb is playing a repeated format, had to switch to talk radio*SUCKS* OR MAYBE I'M JUST GETTING TO OLD TO ROCK? HELL NO, BUT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.
I miss KDKB's morning show with Torgy, I'm not a morning person and he always made me laugh, which would wake me up.
Does anyone know what happend to him??
well after two years of not listening to tim & mark, i really tried to give kdkb a chance, its a no go, and i wished they would bring them back"

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