7 September 2006

Tune in 93-3 Friday Morning September 15 at 9:33 A.M

new format for KDKB-FM 93.3.

35 years of delivering rock & roll to the Phoenix metropolitan area — now it's time to go and in its place, reportedly, is another Spanish language station. Oh, what a sign of the times.

93.3 KDKB rocks Arizona, not anymore.

Or is it just a stunt?


KDKB was at its peak with Tim and Mark and their sidekick BS Mike, who could never stop laughing. Once BS Mike left, the duo just went wierd. Apparently, one of the two started objecting to their.. err... vulgar content (try listening to 98 KUPDs Morning Sickness show for real vulgarity).

Additionally, KDKB is guilty (and in part, so is KSLX) of playing the same shit everyday. Nothing wrong with playing the great rock classics, but the same songs until you're sick to death is a bad, bad, thing. I frankly can't stand Boston anymore; AC/DC? all they play is, "You Shook Me" WTF? Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, same songs, despite a myriad of great albums and choices. For KDKB especially, it was all about not wanting to pay royalties for other songs. It's no wonder the station is gone. At least I can hear occassional good rock on KSLX (Golden Country-REO; Robin Trower; Pink Floyd (Shine on You Crazy Diamond); CSN and sometimes Y, etc....

KSLX still plays enough variety, though I hope they'll learn something and start playing better variety. KUPD-97.9 plays the good hard core rock- EDGE 103.9 plays the Alternative sound; KOOL FM plays the golden oldies, and also 70s AM Golds.
KDKB couldn't compete anymore; it is a shame....but not altogether surprising.
KTAR is apparently going FM as well (92.3); no musical loss there.
What I wonder is whether 620AM will survive as a sports only KTAR station. What with two at least already.....