31 August 2006

Sign-stealing in CD2

In the Arizona Congressional District 2, Trent Franks no doubt enjoys a sizable lead cushion, but yet it seems supporters of his, or miscreants motivated by other means, are pilfering the signs of Democratic rivals.
We reported earlier that 20+ of Democratic candidate John Thrasher’s signs have been stolen… this morning we got a report from Dr. Suchindran Chatterjee, also a Democrat, saying that his signs were stolen last night:

Who knows who is behind it. I asked ‘04 Democratic candidate Randy Camacho if any of his signs got stolen, and he said that six of the large ones ended up in some guy’s pool in the middle of the night.

If you're an Arizonan, or interested in the happenings of the Arizona Congressional caucus, bookmark Arizona Congress Watch.


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