8 August 2006

Welcome to the rightwingoverse

Dedicated to all the farce based neoconservatives out there…


Funny and humorous. I guess I'd better not offer toons regarding the moonbat universe, however. We all know the angry, overheated reaction over the Day in the Life....

I knew I'd awaken the sleeper from his slumber...

Hope all is right in your world...
I've been visiting this site everyday over the last month, or more, just not commenting. I have to visit AZPlace Naum; you're the last link to what once was good radio in the valley, and I have a soft spot for you despite our differences. I noticed Strausplace has been taken down. A shame really; everyone just peetered out, even Seth and Frank.
You're a good man, Naum. All is right in my world. Have a great day, and I hope all is right in your world.
I still have all our postings, had to switch servers recently, want to put it back up, but it's hard to get motivated when the only visitors it seems anymore are evil spammers…
Naum is a radio personality? I suspected someone was.
No no no… …on the "radio personality" moniker…

Though I did the website (and create the podcasts) on this one here - http://makinglifeworkradio.com

…and in the past have done work (both of the paid and unpaid variety for "radio personalites"…)…

…here is a custom built site I did for a one time Phoenix radio host: http://www.phxnews.com
Neocon wrote:
"I have to visit AZPlace Naum; you're the last link to what once was good radio in the valley, and I have a soft spot for you despite our differences."

"radio personality" moniker

moniker= A personal name or nickname.

"radio personality" A personal name or nickname.

I am confused. Sorry for being dense :(
Nice sites. BTW.
What I meant Trav, was that between 1998-2001, I thoroughly enjoyed a local radio program hosted by Bill Straus. I actually called in, as did many conservatives and liberals. Bill more, or less, acted as the mediator while we called and griped and moaned.
Naum was also a listener who created a website for the Straus fans to link to and continue the griping via internet (http://www.strausplace.com). When that site was deserted by everyone but Naum and myself, I found AZPlace.net and started commenting here.
I sometimes here the former Straus listeners on other stations (poor Bob in Peoria gets treated like shit from Newcomb; but I hear Rudy and Marilyn,sometimes as well).
But local Radio in Phoenix sucks like a Hoover. Newcomb sucks, Goyette was and is still boring as hell (he's liked by so many now only because he's opposed to the war and Bush-yadda).
To conclude, Naum is the last link to the good days of local radio when I could call in between 1-4pm and get entertained. I visit this site daily, because despite our increasingly distant views on world and national affairs, I respect him.
Where else, Trav, can a neoconservative and liberal argue and discuss, and still end it all with "Have a nice day?"
Over the last couple months, I've refrained from commenting on stories if only because I'm very busy, and because I go through periods where I tire of belittlement. It's not because of Naum's depth of topics as you'd once contemplated (see his story on GARP, or GOOP, or whatever the hell that was).

Anyway, there's the rest of the story, have a great day and take care all.
i wonder what seth, john watson, and others are up to these days
Good question. Wow, gool ol' Seth. He lovingly referred to me as Monkey-Boy, when he wasn't using more colorful names. How about Jackhammer, Frank in Glendale, Brian in Scottsdale...

I think Bob Witkowski still has a website that Naum can guide you to. If I recall, he rarely updated the site. Other than his fascinating photos, it was mainly political condemnation of the right.
Oh, those good old days... ...I need to put up all the postings at least in read only mode, I have database backups sitting on my HD (and on server).

What I'll never forget:

* All the wonderful folks who supported the site from jackhammermike (who was a mod and author right from the start), frank, jaynedough, jaunbautista, BrianInMesa, seth, witkowski, fisher, tom, and anyone else i don't mean to neglect including the big guy, straus.

* The bash in 2001 at Turf Paradise.

* jackhammermike & just about everyone vs. Mike the anti-semite (or should I say anti-Zionist!).

* Seth vs. "the Hon" (Frank of GlenMexico).

* John Watson vs. Seth, including threat of lawsuit against me for not removing an inflammatory post by Seth (in retailiation of many inflammatory posts by Mr. Watson aimed at just about everybody).

* John Watson vs. Witkowski, and again a threatened lawsuit against me (and physical threat :))...

* Witkowski vs. Hartley in a battle of Valley (well now formerly) hosts dueling it out in the virtual forum arena...

* The bashing and disappointment over Straus replacement, Debra Rich (although I didn't think her show was too bad, if you could discount the no-shows, the times she "mailed it in" or just brought on a friend or crony to gab with for a couple of hours...). Wait, maybe it was bad, but she already had an impossible mark to meet, just in inheriting the spot...

* Phoning in and ripping into a successive host (I believe his name was Segerstrom), calling him out for ignorance on a topic, of which he stammered. Then, minutes later, hearing Mr. John Watson call in and slander me on air and the host permit him to air false and malicious statements about a another caller...

* The presence of Ross Tabert and his adualation for Roy Masters, praise of unbeknowst (at least to everyone else) radio host "Willy Bills", and campaign against the "big conspiracy" of organized horse racing!

* "The Hon" perhaps better known as "Frank of GlenMexico", legendary caller, who is funnier on the audio side of affairs, but had me LOLing a lot. And he's a super nice guy in person.

Enough of the trip down memory lane, again, I will restore the postings at least in read only mode, but you can find the old site contents in the google cache still, for now...

Don't know where everyone went, Frank used to be active on Mike Newcomb boards, Fisher pops in every once in a while here... ...I've heard some of the former regulars dial into Jay Lawrence on the weekends, recently I heard William phone into Andrew Tallman show... ...Witkowski updates his web site (atwitsend.org) once or twice a month, last I read I think he departed California for Santa Fe...
Great memories, Naum. You're right about Debra Rich. I think she tried real hard to host like Straus-just didn't work. She was better at least than John Sebastian, the REAL hate host who followed Straus for a couple weeks.

Fisher appears here once in awhile? Is that who Phrank in Phoenix is? I remember Fisher, and really liked him. You two were the only ones who could argue with me civilly (Seth was too far gone).
What happened to Watson, anyway? He went from beautiful, glib sarcasm to threatening lawsuits. He and Wit were great replacement hosts for Straus. It was very entertaining.

I didn't attend the bash in 2001; I felt I was fairly new to the show and wouldn't fit in with the in-crowd.
I must admit I stopped listening a few weeks into the Debra Rich Show; didn't hear Segerstrom.

Great memories...hope Fisher visits here a bit more. If you talk to Frank, tell him to get on here, his brand of dialogue would surely wake us all up.
I knew I had Brian in Scottsdale wrong.

It didn't go together right. It was BrianinMesa, and SethinScottsdale..now I remember....
Thanks for explanation Neocon. Appreciate your time as always
ive been fighting Straus on his Riders Up proram for 8 years You see I tell the truth about horse racing. As a matter of fact I now have a web site where people subscribe !! http://www.e-horsey.com
Go to http://www.fhu.com and download "Be Still and Know" for free !
Mis eveyone Naum, Condie Jackhammer, Fisher etc
Hey Naum how do I cache my web site on google?
strausplace stuff still comes up over there and watch out Google is in town. look up Willy Bills hes the best (in Tucson) but he hates radio like Straus. other commitments in law for Willy Bills
but I dont miss Jeff Schuller the hash hish smoker who conned me out of $400.00
Ross Tabbert
* Phoning in and ripping into a successive host (I believe his name was Segerstrom), calling him out for ignorance on a topic, of which he stammered."
was that the dude who was paying to be on the air?
I remember the stuterrer alchoholic.
That dude was like those dudes in Hollywood that put their pictures on Bill boards to try to get famous
that dude must have had whiskey in his coffee.
I think "Bart" is DEAD.he called into every show ! and he actually was sane !
Matt Gerson and his book browse jeesh
Some Jewish guy called in as much as Bart but forgot his name
I think his name was "Lenny"?
Remember Straus side kick the best one in 1998
"Tom Green"
Actually, I think his name was Les.
Brian in Mesa...well, how are you? I don't even know you, but it's nice to have another former Straus listener and Straus Place visitor here (I'm Tom in Tempe, by the way).
Take care....
I have got to check in here more often.

Doing well myself, how about you, Tom?
Let the comedy resume...


From his site June 03, 2007:

"Coming Soon!

Dr. Mike Newcomb will return to the airwaves and the Internet with even more truth-telling and freedom fighting.

For more information or to leave the good doctor a message, click the icon below..."
I contacted Jeff Farias and the person who posted as him above is NOT him. I would take anything that the identity thief said above with a huge grain of salt.
Yo Clowners!

What a shame them Dem-O-Com's are worst than Neo's.

Wish Channey was in control of the football, them Wah Hoppies would be fryed right about now........

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