23 July 2006

With an astonishing number of measures on the ballot this election, going to the polls is going to be almost like being a legislator

Blog For Arizona has assembled a Arizona Ballot Measure Guide 2006 for All Propositions

There's a ton of propositions on the ballot this year, from raising the minimum wage to providing a lottery for voters, which has drawn some national and worldwide attention.

I plan on putting together a scorecard here in the same vein, but for now, just few words on Mark Osterloh's Arizona Voter Reward Act. At first, just like most of the disdain that's been heaped on this idea, I shared. If I had my druthers, I'd rather see other means of improving turnout — a national holiday for voters and quicker voter turnaround. And cessation of mail-in balloting, except for extreme exceptional circumstances. On further thought however, what's wrong with a reward for doing a civic duty? As Mike points out in his post, it is true that many voters are already "blissful with ignorance". Maybe it would encourage folks to research the candidates and vote for who they feel is the better qualified candidate, which is what democracy is all about.


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