19 July 2006

It's morally wrong to destroy tissue for the purpose of science, but it's apparently not morally wrong to discard it

Congress is unable to override first ever veto by President Bush. Hence, James Garfield's record remains intact.
The House on Wednesday failed to muster enough votes to override President Bush's veto of a bill to expand federally funded embryonic stem cell research.

There is outrage over this veto, but keep in mind it's not a ban, just a block on federal funding of research. Still, the act is puzzling, considering that the vast majority of these embryos are going to be tossed into the trash, when instead they could be used to help develop life saving cures.

And the chutzpah badge for the day goes to this quote by a Focus on the Family tool:

Focus on the Family Action's senior analyst for bioethics, Carrie Gordon Earll, also registered strong disapproval, observing that "some members of Senate who should know better voted to destroy human lives -- and that goes beyond cowardice."

First, terming it "human life" is problematic here, considering that embryos don't have brains, brain tissue, neurons or any ability to think. And again, these are embryonic stem cells from surplus IVF embroys that are destined for destruction. According to recent public opinion polls, 70% of US citizens support embryonic stem cell research.

We could be soon presented with the sound of science departing these shores for more enlightened locales.

In the Arizona block of Congress critters, only Democrat House members Grijalva and Pastor, along with lone Republican Kolbe voted to override the presidential veto. Renzi, Franks, Hayworth, Shadegg and Flake declined to override President Bush. On the Arizona senatorial side, McCain voted for federal funding of stem cell research while Kyl voted nay. Something to keep in mind for the upcoming election in November.

Truly astonishing, President Bush acts to preserve the "preborn", yet puts a stamp of approval on unleashing destruction and devastation upon innocent civilians in an effort to root out "terrorism".

There is no end to the hypocrisy that just continues to gush…


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