2 June 2006

Extremist demagogues, peddling hate, bigotry and intolerance to the ignorant

Bill O'Reilly, for example. Rewriting history to paint American WWII soldiers as war criminals, when it was the Nazis who executed American prisoners at Malmedy.

But far worse than the smear by a jackass of gigantic proportion, is the deliberate falsification of the O'Reilly Factor transcript by Fox News Channel.

When you are that wrong, when you are defending Nazi war criminals and pinning their crimes on Americans and you get caught doing so twice, you‘re supposed to say I‘m sorry, I was wrong, and then you‘re supposed to shut up for a long time. Instead, FOX washed its transcript of O‘Reilly‘s remarks Tuesday. Its Web site claims O‘Reilly said in Normandy, when, as you heard, in fact, he said in Malmedy.

The rewriting of past reporting worthy of George Orwell has now carried over into such online transcription services as Burell‘s and Factiva. Whatever did or did not happen later in supposed or actual retribution, the victims at Malmedy were Americans, gunned down while surrendering by Nazis in 1944 and again Tuesday night and Wednesday night by a false patriot who would rather be loud than right.

In Malmedy, as you know, Bill O‘Reilly said on the air Tuesday night in some indecipherable attempt to defend the events of Haditha, “U.S. forces captured S.S. forces who had their hands in the air and were unarmed and they shot them dead. You know that, that‘s on the record and documented.” The victims in Malmedy in December 1944 were Americans, Americans with their hands in the air, Americans who were unarmed. That‘s on the record and documented, and their memory deserves better than Bill O‘Reilly. We all do.

It's one matter to update online web pages with corrections or more up to date information. It's an entirely different deal when a “news organization” wipes the factual record to shield a host from his own idiocy. How anybody can view Fox News as a credible source of journalism is beyond me. I reckon it's yet another sordid testament to the state of education in America, of how much partisan propaganda uncritical viewers will blindly swallow. Or how badly brainwashed loyal believers will accept fiction as fact, overlaying reality with their own desired illusory perception.


Gee, Olberman NOT an extremist demagogue, peddling hate, bigotry, and intolerance to the ignorant? Like fighting fire with fire, I suppose, but what's the point? Here's a clip from Olberman Watch at http://www.olbermannwatch.com/

"Another klassic Keith misfire. The transcript, which as far as we can tell has not been altered since it was first posted, wasn't doctored, or even created, by Fox News. As the web page clearly notes:
Transcription Copyright 2006 Voxant, Inc. (http://www.voxant.com ), which takes sole responsibility for the accuracy of the transcription.
So despite Krazy Keith's ravings, it turns out that the transcript was prepared and created by an outside company--one that performs the same service for CNBC and MSNBC! So will KO retract his smear of Fox News? It seems safe to say that there will be no errors corrected, no apologies offered, no stopping the relentless tide of bull even briefly enough to read all the way to the bottom of a web page. Bill O'Reilly was man enough to clarify and correct his words. Will Keith do the same? Do pigs fly?
You should have seen the false indignation and phony moralistic outrage Krazy worked up to conclude this segment! It had all the sincerity of a snake-oil pitchman at a carnival sideshow. And this coming from someone who minutes earlier implied that Haditha was not an isolated incident, but something endemic to the ethics of all US troops in Iraq. What a hypocrite!"

Basically, to summarize: a bullshit story not worthy of dialogue, discussion, or thought on this website, Naum.

Doesn't matter if the transcript was initially posted in error, it still was done in service of Fox News, posted by Fox News (http://www.foxnews.com/stor...) and clearly a deliberate misrepresentation. So "washing" is a correct term, especially when the video shown cleary illustrates the contradiction.

And here you are defending O'Reilly, a moral degenerate who pays hush money to keep his illicit and tawdry affair from going public, all the while penning a children's book with topics pertaining to "morals".

There's no end to the hypocrisy...
No where in my post have I defended O'Reilly. I simply linked to a post that exposed the blatant hypocrisy of Olberman, who's every bit your clever title.
I'm not defending anyone, Naum. I'm simply pointing out that quoting Olberman and his bullshit to attack Reilly and his bullshit simply adds up to more sanctimonious bullshit on your part. You're absolutley right that there's no end to this hypocrisy, you're part of the problem.
As I've said, this stupid bullshit from feuding , childish anchors doesn't belong on this site.
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Yes, Olbermann has a vendetta against O'Reilly (and vice-versa), but Olbermann in this instance is just bringing to light (once again) what an fraudulent A-hole O'Reilly is.

Beyond that, I find incredulous the fact that you are defending O'Reilly here, when his argument, even after stripping aside the falsification of history, that because past atrocities were commmitted, present & future atrocities are O.K.

IF this is the predominant moral principle in action today, may GOD have MERCY on us ALL!
Only problem, is that Olbermann is impartial -- he is not registered to vote, and while he might be carrying his beef with O'Reilly a bit too overzealously, it doesn't change the facts of this story.

The reason why I singled out this story for commentary is due totally to:

1. Fox News reputation amongst Kool-Aid Republicans as "fair & balanced" when this story clearly illustrates how they're totally ideologically driven and do not have any journalistic credibility whatsoever.

2. The deliberate falsification of the testimony. You can dodge around with technicality type reasoning that another outfit prepared this transcript BUT THE FACT IS HAS STILL NOT BEEN CORRECTED. How much money would you be willing to wager that if it was an "honest mistake" and the transcript generation service printed "Malmedy" instead of "Normandy", how long would it be before they corrected it?
Well isn't this wonderful...another headline story with comments that have gone no where but in senseless circles. Thanks very much, Naum. Have a nice day.
Have a great weekend!

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