19 April 2006

Crooks and Liars

No, not referring to the popular website that catalogs such egregious Republican political acts, but to the utterly incredulous recent radio commercials sponsored by the Republican National Committee, aired in Spanish, that claim Democrats voted to treat millions of hardworking immigrants as felons.
Los terroristas entran a través de nuestras fronteras....se trafican drogas en las orillas de los Estados Unidos.

Justo la semana pasada había esperanza, el congreso estaba trabajando para reformar la ley de inmigración....asegurar nuestras fronteras y proteger a las familias estadounidenses.

Pero el demócrata Harry Reid nos falló....Harry Reid jugó a la política y bloqueó a nuestros líderes en el Congreso para no llegar a un acuerdo.

Los aliados demócratas de Reid votaron para tratar a millones de trabajadores inmigrantes...como criminales...

Mientras el presidente Bush y los líderes republicanos trabajan por una legislación que protegerá nuestras fronteras y honrará a nuestros inmigrantes.

But the truth is that it was a Republican, James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin who introduced legislation that would turn illegal immigrants into felons. And here in Arizona, it is Republicans that are steaming over a veto by Democratic governor Janet Napolitano of similar legislation that wished to codify the same punitive measures. Republican lawmakers backed off the felony provision for "first time" offenders, but retained it for future violations.

The level of dishonesty is just apalling. How can any American vote Republican, given the culture of corruption prevalent, and now just brazen dishonesty being flaunted.


A little more complex don't you think?
Here are exherpts from recent amendments to the vote off of the GOP site:

191 House Democrats Voted Against The Sensenbrenner Amendment That Would Strike Language Increasing "[T]he Maximum Sentence For Illegal Presence Or Illegal Entry Into The United States." (H.R. 4437, CQ Vote #655: Rejected 164-257: R 156-65; D 8-191; I 0-1, 12/16/05)

Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI): "What this amendment does is reduce the penalties for this type of immigration violation from a felony in the base bill to a misdemeanor. That is all the amendment does." (Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, Congressional Record, 12/16/05, p. H11952)

Rep. Sensenbrenner: "[I]f you are against the amendment, you want to keep it as felonies because that is in the base bill." (Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, Congressional Record, 12/16/05, p. H11952)

Despite House Dems' Vote, "[D]emocrats Have Been Screaming Their Heads Off About Republican Legislation That Would Turn The Nation's 11 Million Illegal Aliens Into Felons." (John Podhoretz, Op-Ed, "Immigration Politics: Cynical Dems," New York Post, 3/28/06)

In other words, the Repubs tried to lessen the punishment for illegals with an amendment, which the Dems voted down. Now they bitch and moan when the bill is passed.

Hmmmm...so let's see: the Republicans are trying to provide legislation to punish everybody (illegals,employers, smugglers, etc.), but tried to lessen the punishment for illegals themselves. The Dems were opposed to lessening the punishment, opposed to punishing employers, etc., opposed to any action on this problem.
That's right! Pander to the masses on the streets (Ted, Hillary and Rev Jesse); vote against any legislation to advance progress (ie punishment of those who aid and abet illegals)

"The measure would broaden the nation's immigrant-smuggling law so that people who assist or shield illegal immigrants would be subject to prosecution. Offenders, who might include priests, nurses or social workers, could face up to five years in prison. The proposal would also allow the authorities to seize some assets of those convicted of such a crime."

So once again, we must ask: how do we want to punish those who propogate this mess (employers especially)? Do we leave unfettered the smugglers, and the generous people-who, nonetheless, are encouraging the issue we all want to cease? Do we start somewhere and provide amendments (Republicans) to lessen severe burdens, or de we just politicize this for votes and to watch the opposition party split (DEMOCRAT)?
Perhaps the Dems could have introduced amendments to make clear who would be charged under this legislation, but the question must still be asked:
How ugly does anyone expect this NOT to get?
No, matter how fair legislation will be, it will be ugly. If we punish and sieze companies, employers, etc. who hire illegals, it will of course hurt the illegals as well through unemployment, deportation, arrests.
All this is a given, even under the best circumstances. You all know that. So why would the Dems oppose a bill that at least addresses a start? What parts of the bill did they oppose and why would they oppose an amendment that at least didn't felonize illegals?

If this is to stop, then it's a given as well that some punishment must be addressed for those who help, even if they are good, decent people trying to do the right thing. Otherwise, illegals will continue to come in-and continue to be arrested and deported, etc.
"Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., Said Democrats Deliberately Torpedoed Sensenbrenner's Amendment To Reduce Penalties In Order To Make The House Bill Unpalatable." (Kathy Kiely, "GOP Vow: Illegal Immigration Won't Be Felony," USA Today, 4/12/06)
Cecilia Munoz, Vice President, National Council of La Raza: "I don't believe that it's wise for Democrats to come to our community and ask for votes by saying: 'Hey, we kept an immigration bill from going forward.' People understand when they're being used." (Ruben Navarrette, Jr., Op-Ed, "Blame The Democrats For Immigration Reform Failure," The San Diego Union-Tribune, 4/12/06)
"At the recent Washington Correspondents' Dinner, master comedian Stephen Colbert performed magnificently. With the rapier of wit and the mace of truth, he respectively skewered and censured the presidency of "dum'ass botch". And that's not all Mr Colbert accomplished.

Tucked away in his address to the dinner's flabbergasted attendees, like a ticking time bomb, there was an "easter egg", which we had absolutely . . . here "we" is a polite nod . . . NO right to expect. Like a mischievous Easter Bunny, Mr Colbert delivered a bon mot, so profound as to approach philosophical.

oh, before I reveal Mr Colbert's casual accomplishment, I should like to preface with a cave-- . . . "

The above text, which is enclosed within quotes, can be found appended to the article, which is located on the other side of the below hyperlink.

thanking you in advance for your gracious patience,

.he who is known as sefton


. . . oh, yeah, I should add that the full title for that post is "rehabilitation of and by and for the right wing" . . .
Thus says the Lord God of ISRAEL, Let my People go!
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