3 April 2006

Dear Air America ...

Welcome back to Phoenix!

Now if you can just get Charles Goyette back on the air where he belongs, I'll be listening every chance I get! (Oh, and Ed Schultz, too — as a counterweight to Hannity and Medved on my afternoon drive in to work.)

Best regards,
Phrank in Foenix
(an anti-THIS-war evangelical Christian conservative)


Thanks Phrank for the update, meant to get an update (along with some other fresh postings), but been so busy the last few days...

1480 AM on your radio dial, though like I said, I prefer the local programming over the AA network fare and hope Goyette gets his gig back.

(an anti-MOST-war evangelical Christian)
Hey now....but I was just getting used to the old oldies on that station...so what is this mean-all syndicated shows, but no locals?

(Just an average guy)
I wanna say something so I can make up a slogan for myself.....

(boxer briefs)
Just FWIW: The only reason I qualify my ID with "an anti-THIS-war evangelical Christian conservative" is twofold:

1) The "anti-THIS-war" part is to indicate that I'm not a pacifist. I'm not opposed to all war, only the unjust and uncosntitutional ones (like this one).

2) The "evangelical Christian conservative" part is there to put conservatives (and some liberals, but usually conservatives) on notice that their nice, neat little categories aren't iron-clad. By my "personal demographic," I'm "supposed" to be a Republi-con and a Dubya supporter. I'm so conservative, Bush I was the last GOP POTUS candidate I ever voted for.

So anyhow, there you have it ...
(I guess a twofold "only reason" is self-contradictory! Guess it pays to read it one last time before posting!)
"The Return of History"


"We will have war whether we wish it or not. It will continue to be brought to us as it was brought for many years before we could see it in a pillar of flame by day and a pillar of smoke by night. We will be long in this wilderness, perhaps as long as forty years, and it will take a terrible toll from us, soldier and civilian alike; a toll we have not yet begun to see. Like all global wars in the past century, the war upon us will rise in violence until such time as we either capitulate, or find the will to kill our enemies wholesale. This is not what we would choose, but it is what we shall have."
You don't have to explain, Phrank, I was only making light of the situation. Have a great day.
Neo -

No harm, no foul ... just wanted to clarify!


PS: I voted for George I in 1988. From then onward, there hasn't ben a GOP POTUS candidate worthy of my vote. (A few primary candidates, but none that made the cut to the generals.)

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