29 March 2006

Why We Fight opens Friday

My 7 March post said that "the Eugene Jarecki documentary Why We Fight is scheduled to open at the Camelview 5 in Scottsdale Fashion Square on Friday, 24 March." (Here's the original post, which includes a synopsis and a link to Information Clearinghouse, where you may view the film online.)

When I discovered from Harkins early last week that WWF's opening had been delayed due to market demands for other films, I failed to post an update here. Please forgive me.

The good news is, the film has arrived in the Valley! It opens at Camelview 5 on Friday 31 March, and is scheduled at least thru Thursday 6 April. Market forces will determine how long the film continues beyond that date.

All I can say is, Get out there and see this film -- and take a friend.

No, take two friends.


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