12 February 2006

You have turned our lives into a seemingly endless series of crises and our suffering is day and night

The misinformation and myopia in this Arizona Republic letter to the editor regarding Iraq is astounding and emblematic of the general public's dupability and blind acceptance of state propaganda.
Many people question the validity of U.S. military actions in Iraq. They base these questions on the information they obtain through television news networks.

Actually, television coverage has been, for the most part, sanitized in alignment with the Bush administration's wishes. Critical questions weren't asked prior to the illegal, immoral invasion of a nation state that posed no threat to the United States, and even after, mainstream media coverage has been totally skewed in a pro-war shroud. But all one has to do is power on their computer and pour over volumes upon volumes of information, news and perspectives from all different angles. And the simple task of signing up for a library card can provide the missing perspecitve that our "professional media corps" have failed to provide.

Based on those reports, one would believe the cost of our actions in Iraq has been too high and that our military has made little or no progress in the country. That is not so. Most news reports are biased and incomplete.

Yes, there are good stories to be shared about heroic American forces doing their utmost to make a difference. But those successes are drowned out by the weight of larger truths — insurgent attacks are still on the rise and every day in Iraq brings yet another long list of "security incidents".

For example, last week, for the first time in more than eight years, the people of Baghdad had running, drinkable water, a significant achievement barely mentioned on the news. Our efforts to restore services in Iraq will take time. Saddam Hussein appointed friends and family to head the utilities of the nation while in power. Those people refused to maintain those facilities in away that would provide energy, water, sewage, hospitals and schools for the common citizen.

Overall, news developments on this front arn't near as optmistic as this dreamy eyed writer depicts.

More importantly, Iraqi citizens are no longer in fear of religious persecution and are free to make the spiritual choices that God has given them. What we are doing is not only just, it is necessary

With the rise of fundemantalist Islamists, freedom for Christians, women, and all Iraqis is bound to diminish.


I've talked with about 3 dozen people, military and civilian who have spent considerable time recently in Iraq. I've asked each of them "What do the Iraq people think of our involvement there?" EVERY one of them tell me the Iraq people are glad we did what we did. They'll also be glad when its time for us to leave.
Beware of falling into the "Mondo argument", finding one person, or 3 dozen people, supportive of a policy and then assuming it reflects a population of an entire country.

I happen to agree with what you say, and I think the opinion surveys actually bear this out, especially this statment:

"They'll also be glad when its time for us to leave."

I actually got in an argument with someone several months ago about this, I can find posts if you like.
Verbosity leads to unclear, inarticulate things."
;-) love ya mondo
Beware of polls, too. For example, the vast majority of Germans wanted us out in 1947. They didn't want us there. It's a good thing we didn't listen to polls then.
Just another thought.
Good point neocon.
Nice, verbal comments, Trav. I'll simply say that we agree to disagree.

I still do not believe that fdr (stupid cap rule!!!!!Naum, fix this please!!!) came close to an imperialist; nor is Bush. Of course fdr wanted to push through his New Deal legislation, despite its apparent violations to the Constitution; he also wanted to beef up the Supreme Court to get it done. However, the very framework of our Republic prevented him from doing so. Democracy. The internment camps? That was a matter of war, as was Lincoln's suspension of Habeas Corpus (who wouldn't have done so when your country is threatened by Civil war, European intervention, etc.).
I don't believe Bush is going beyond his Constituional powers either. If he were, Congress-especially the libs- would be screaming murder and have the proof to do so. As it is, Congress isn't, only Air America and the rads.

You said:"No one wants to believe that their country does bad things, trust me, I didn't before 9/11."
Trav, let me repeat, and I know Mondo has said this plenty of times as well: I'm quite aware of our country's past and our sins. Your claim of millions upon millions dead at America's hand is misguided and erroneous. That claim belongs to Europe proper (England, France, Belgium, Russia) and especially to the USSR and China under Communist regimes.
The Third World today was not a result of American involvement (not to say we didn't get our feet wet in Imperialism), but Europe since the 15th century has stepped on and destroyed cultural traditions in these countries that only in the last 60 years have most been able to TRY and start over. Therein lies the dillemma of the 21st Century. Soviet Union gone, Third World reform necessary.
Let's also not forget about Turkish Rule since ca ad1300, and particularly
the Ottoman Empire (the failing Empire was protected by England in the last yearts of the 19th Century; they helped prevent attempted revolutions that would have brought an end to the Turkish Despots and perhaps accelerated cultural growth and stability).
Collectively, this age of Imperialism (ca ad1400-1918) crushed and killed many more millions than any of us could imagine.
If you refer to American Indians, millions did die, but not due to genocide; rather it was mainly disease after thousands of years of isolation in the Americas. The American Indian hadn't been afflicted with European, Asian, or African bourne diseases.
The Colonies and States did indeed commit atrocities against the American Indian. Believe me, I know. We did indeed enslave the black man and participate in ownership of fellow humans.
What separates America from other states is that we eventually find the moral clarity through our Constitution and Freedoms provided us. Brown v Board of Education is perfect as an example.
Americaas a whole ignored the plight of the black American between 1896-1954. It took strong americans like Martin Luther King to make this tremendous change.
Anyway, I don't pretend that the US wears the crown of champions and a halo on our heads. However, I absolutely believe that there will be no peace on earth until the last Despot, Dictator, Tyrant has been replaced by the voice of the People.

You see Trav, I think your philosophy is misguided and causes more harm to the future of humanity. Therein lies the great chasm between us; we're separated ideologically by a vast canyon.
But we can still toss each other a beer.
Have a great day Trav.
For Trav and Naum. I had to post this comment on this page, because of the stupid cap rule caused the goddamn page to fart and falter. Trav, this comment belongs on the other post.
Jesus, I can't even write properly with grammatical text. I wish Naum would dump the stupid cap rule.
"Nice, verbal comments"

Is this sacracism?

I think mondo caused the cap rule.
Type F.D.R. That may work...lets see...

You are 100% correct, I could not have said it better:

"Therein lies the great chasm between us; we're separated ideologically by a vast canyon."

I respect your ability to acknowledge FDR and the New Deal. I respect that.

I could throw out figures to support my ideology, but in the end, we would both walk away thinking the same way.
No it wasn't sarcasm,Trav. Thanks and have a great day.
What "cap rule"? I am not aware of a "cap rule", though I do know there are checks for long character sequences (so that the page display isn't disrupted because someone entered a 150 character string...)
I am confused too--I can type HELLO NEOCON and it is all caps.
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I'm telling you all right now, Sarah Connor needs our prayers for a healthy baby.....
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