3 January 2003

Why are most of you still using Microsoft Internet Explorer?

I don't understand how you unenlightened folks tolerate such an inferior product. It's irritating beyond belief to jump on a new computer that still has MSIE set as its default web brower. Pop up city! I didn't realize that a giant portion of the commercial web is now laden with traps that spring incessant unrequested popups. It makes for quite a frustrating and unpleasant web surfing session, at least in my estimation. I believe there's all sorts of add-on type utilities to block popups, but I have a better solution - point your browser to mozilla.org or more precisely, download the latest Mozilla release.

What? Mozilla? You mean that funky old claptrap of Netscape code resurrected by those open source, Microsoft hating, wild eyed coder hippies? Well, nothing is constant but change itself and regarding the browser market, Microsoft has rested on its laurels while Mozilla now has leapfrogged past the big monopoly powered evil empire.

Why is Mozilla better? I will tell why you should give yourself a holiday gift and download Mozilla immediately...

  • Popup blocking - 'nuff said.

  • Font sizes scalable even when lunkheaded web designers "hard set" to a specific size and MSIE won't scale up/down. SORRY, MISTER KOOL WEB MEISTER, I CAN'T READ THOSE SUPER SMALL CONDENSED FONT SIZES WITHOUT SQUINTING AND STRAINING!.

  • Ability to block images from servers not serving the web page (i.e., advertisements) - may be more useful for those dial up customers.

  • Better printing

  • Includes a nifty and free HTML WYSIWYG HTML editor that will allow you to create and publish your own web pages.

  • And because it's not Microsoft...

First order of business after you execute the painless install:

  1. Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Scripts & Plugins
  2. Uncheck the first box with the descriptive line of 'Open unrequested windows' and popup problem is solved.
  3. Edit -> Preferences -> Privacy & Security -> Images
  4. Check the 'Accept images from originating server only' if you want to cut the crap and make more efficient use of your bandwidth.
  5. After that, proceed as desired, set your desired fonts, change the theme (more themes are availabe for downloading too), etc.


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