7 January 2006

We're being robbed of our freedom of choice because we're not told when the actual movie will begin

By not being provided movie listings that print the start time for the main feature?
Frustrated with lengthy advertisements and previews that delay movies and chew up viewing time, a state lawmaker wants theaters to be honest about when a movie actually starts.

State Rep. Andrew Fleischmann is proposing legislation to force movie listings to print the time the previews start, and when the movies start.

Even if it is an annoying practice that dissuades theater attendance, this probably isn't the best use of legislator resources. Anyway, declining ticket sales, in my estimation, are more due to the lackluster quality of recent releases. And the forecast for 2006 isn't any rosier.

Of course, some argue that the age of the blockbuster is over, given the mushrooming of on-demand content.


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