6 January 2006

I think it should be $10 an hour

The minimum wage in Arizona, that is, and according to a pool of registered voters, Arizonans back a minimum-wage hike, agree to a state wide smoking ban. and are opposed to banning gay marriage
The Republic Poll showed that only 38 percent of the state's registered voters would vote to amend the state Constitution to ban gay marriages and to prohibit local governments from recognizing any legal status or allowing benefits for unmarried partners. But a proposed hike of the state minimum wage from $5.15 per hour to $5.95 is enjoying overwhelming support so far. Voters favor the hike, which would jump to $6.75 per hour in 2008, by a 76 percent to 19 percent margin. The poll of 602 registered voters had a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.


What the hell? Let's make it $50/hour. Just think of it - passing one simple law and poverty is eliminated! The current minimum wage earners won't need the bother of acquiring any job skills more highly valued by employers. No - that's way too much effort. That "gumption" stuff my Dad taught me is a load of crap. Much easier to pass a law and pat ourselves on the back about how caring and enlightened we must be. God bless "Passing a Law" - they solve all of our problems!
OK then, if minimum wage is such a bad thing, let's abolish it completely. In fact, why not stop there let's reinstitute slavery, the right of a husband to beat his wife, indentured servitude, payment of employees in scrip, etc. I believe the word for that is feudalism.

An honest day's work should be met with an honest day's pay, no matter how "menial" or how "trivial" one might view a job. Otherwise, it's a license to treat human beings as chattel, as animals unfit for human compassion.
Jeez Naum - going a bit overboard aren't we? Relax, have a beer and a cigarette. Could be my Dad was wrong and the world does owe me a living. Call me a softheaded lib but maybe it would be better to take the minimum wage earners and teach them the skills needed to be better paid.
Gay Marriage Ban: who cares at this point? I couldn't give a shit either way.

Smoking ban: Stupid, bullshit, and typical of liberals who "know better" than the rest of us. By the way, I don't smoke, except the very rare puff on a pipe, and a cheap cigar from Circle K.

Minimum Wage: Considering, 10.00 is way too much, particularly for small business, but a hike to 6.75 over a few years is no biggie.

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