15 October 2005

Format changes could be in the offing for KXXT

James Crystal Enterprises sells three radio stations for a sum of $20 million. One of those stations, KXXT 1010 AM is presently the Phoenix area Air America network affiliate.

Since the buyer, Communicom Broadcasting, purchased another Phoenix radio station that features religous programming, it's a complete guess to what a potential format change has in store.

Communicom Broadcasting executive VP Carl DiMaria confirms for Billboard Radio Monitor that his group, owned by Rich Kylberg, has bought three AM stations from James Crystal Enterprises for $20 million.

Format changes could be in the offing for KXXT. DiMaria wouldn’t offer any suggestions other than to say “We’re not sure what we’re going to do there.”

While other Valley radio stations have abandoned local talkers in favor of syndicated crapola, KXXT 1010 AM features the best of local talk show host talent, including Mike Newcomb and Charles Goyette. That is, if you arn't guzzling the neoconservative "Archie Bunker" Kool-Aid poured out further down the dial. Even though a preponderance of Air America programming is comprised of Democratic shill-dom, it's refreshing to have a balanced over-the-air palette of political pundits, and it will be a disappointing development if the public interest becomes further ill served.


Hope you do a "State of Talk Radio in the Valley 2005" ---- love to hear your opinion. :-)
It's coming, just with all the big shakeups recently (there may soon not be any local hosts to review…), wanted to give a listen to all the new entrants and some I haven't heard in a while.
C'mon, Naum, you know damn well that with no local talent whatsoever in this valley, Newcomb and Goyette are simply your "chosen" because they hate Neoocns as much as you. Now is that really how you are supposed to judge talent? Good God, how can we Neocons take your local Critiques seriously when you pander to such hash?
Just a couple years ago, you had nothing favorable to say about Goyette on KFYI.
Newcomb is as bad as Sebastian was, as bad as you all claim Rush to be. Nothing worth complimenting, except as I've said, his contempt for Repubs and conservatives. Yadda Yadda Yadda....
Now, let's just tell the truth and say there IS NO local talent, that they all SUCK!!!!
This Neocon can't listen to Beavis and Butthead, shrill-voiced AM hosts, and Barry and his canary.....
Likewise, I can't even take a swig of the local shit on 1010.
Stop the panderous, partisan critiques and give a real, independent analysis of talk in the valley....
Thanks NY for the comments. I will offer a rebuttal that may or may not suit you, but here goes.

1. I don't have to agree with the host — I think 2 of the best hosts in past times have been John Dayl (blinded conservative converted to neoconservativism but still very respectful of callers) and Ernie Hancock (Libertarian producer of Goyette show). What made them good was getting interesting guests and fostering an open dialog.

2. Goyette, during his KFYI term, was rancid and acerbic, cutting off callers with smart aleck remarks, drowning out guests in cheap ploy to cater to the "Archie Bunker" crowd. He still, at times, slips back into this mode, but his AA stay has seen him much more polite to callers (there are a number of right wing callers that are given significant call time) and when he doesn't slide into a stupor soloiquoy, it is an interesting program, with guests and takes not heard on the dial elsewhere.

3. Yes, Newcomb is in Democratic-shill-dom land, BUT he doesn't screen his calls, runs a fast paced show where callers are given time to make their piece, and not just served up as fodder for strutting hosts (see KFYI again). I'll give a listen again (given the time slot of 7-9p, I don't get to listen much these days) but I've heard many righties duel it out with Mr. Newcomb on the air, something that doesn't happen in KFYI-land.
Well, I guess I was over zealous in my comment. While I certainly have no agreement with the two, Newcomb does encourage the calls.
However, here's my beef with Newcomb:
I lost respect for Newcomb over his disrespect for Bob in Peoria.
You remember him; you'll also remember Rudy, Madelaine (sp.), and even Les. If I was a host, I'd certainly respect them all, especially Rudy and Bob.
Whenever I heard Bob in Peoria on Newcomb, he was always treated poorly. I guess that just irks the shit out of me. With Straus, you could always call in and expect respect, unless you were rude and completely stupid; but with Newcomb, the attitude seems different. On the other hand, I can swear I've heard Jackhammer on his show.
Don't get me wrong, many conservatives who call in are brash, rude and offer nothing in sensible dialogue. But Bob always has, and is always passionate about his arguments. This is why I'll never call into his show. He just doesn't seem to want to listen to good debate.
I'll stand by my opinion that there is no good local talent. Thank you naum, and have a nice day.
Sadly, I will have to agree with you that when Goyette, Newcomb, and Leibo (gone now, but I would still place in the top of local hosts and a Bush supporting neocon!) are the best of "local talent", it's a sad assessment of affairs.

I miss Straus show too, and really don't understand why we can't have an intelligent program that:

* Breaks out of the left/right axis and looks at how issues affect us as citizens.

* Examine issues like real immigration reform, globalization impact on American s and future of Americans, changing economic conditions with robotics and advances in automation along with globalization, gerrymandering/redistricting, critical assessment of war policy (something the Goyette show is doing).

* Not so political, have shows on other things like emerging technology or pets or other feature stuff.

* Allow the callers to participate fully and be part of the show just like Straus did.

There is one local show that you might want to give a listen - it's on the Christian station KPXQ 1360 AM and heard 5-7p - Andrew Tallman show.
Thank you much, Naum, I'll give it a whirl.
I haven't heard your opinion on Joe Crummy, who took the Beavis and Butthead slot on KFYI. He sounds better, as a radio host, but by the time I hear him, I'm on the jam ride home and prefer head thumping rock and roll.....any thoughts?
$20 million is a lot of money, but it seems very low for the sale of three stations.
Neocon wrote:
"If I was a host, I'd certainly respect them all, especially Rudy and Bob. "

Are you a host? :)
No, if I were, I'd probably suck. I'm good with my hands..blisters to me are my badges of merit.
Thanks for the tip about Andrew Tallman, I'll give that a try. I'm about fed up myself and have been since Straus left the air.

BTW I can remember Goyette being just as rude to conservatives who didn't agree with him, and yet he could also be charming and funny. But when he was on the rag he was unbrearable.

Same thing with Dayl, I heard him really rag on callers a few times and i don't mean the ones that deserved it.
I just moved to Arizona From South Florida and I was an On Air Talk Host there. It amazes me how there isn't alot of good talk shows on the air in Arizona. I have tried to present My air checks to a the stations here. If I am anti Bush or Anti Republican, good luck in becoming employed here. I wish like it was stated there were more well rounded Shows that could combine Political and local and ENTERTAINMENT Information within the show. Why is this so hard to get in a local talk show? I did it In South Florida, isn't there any Station out there Looking to "Entertain" as well as inform their listeners?

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