8 April 2003

Taliban Resurgence

Yes, you may remember that other campaign, the one to root out Al-Qaida and the Taliban. Well, it appears that the Taliban are reemerging in control of a war torn Afghanistan.

...the Taliban is not only determined to remain a force in this country, but also is reorganizing and reviving its command structure.

There is little to stop them. The soldiers and police who were supposed to be the bedrock of a stable postwar Afghanistan have gone unpaid for months and are drifting away.

At a time when the United States is promising a reconstructed democratic postwar Iraq, many Afghans are remembering hearing similar promises not long ago.

Instead, what they see is thieving warlords, murder on the roads, and a resurgence of Taliban vigilantism.

So much for "liberating" Afghanistan ... Iraq will probably share a similar fate...

The Red Cross has suspended operations in Afghanistan indefinitely due to the danger now posed to international workers.


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