14 July 2005

If only women's votes had been counted in the last two elections, Al Gore and John Kerry would have won hands down

A column on the dearth of women columnists but this blurb is indeed noteworthy.
As the right's mythmakers continue their assault on the so-called "left-wing media" — the attack on public broadcasting being only the most recent example — many media outlets have caved in to the pressure and redoubled their efforts to avoid that liberal taint. Consider this: On CNN and MSNBC, presumably the most liberal cable news channels, conservative commentators outnumbered liberals 10 to 1 (CNN) and 13 to 2 (MSNBC) during the Jan. 20 coverage of President Bush's inauguration.

And if adopting protective conservative coloring is the media's goal, then women might as well toss their keyboards out the window. That's because women aren't necessarily nicer, or less interested in science, or more interested in recipes than men, but we are more liberal. Study after study has documented a persistent "gender gap" in American politics. If only women's votes had been counted in the last two elections, Al Gore and John Kerry would have won hands down.

Liberal media bias my arse…


Precisely why the passage of the nineteenth amendment was a watershed event marking the precipitous decline and eventual destruction of the United States of America.

Women are more liberal, and made with the main social purpose to provide supporting roles to men--tempering steel, and nurturing the next generation, also under a man's direction. This, instead of impudently occupying positions of authority directly and making a mockery of both themselves and the country they represent.

As for the media being "conservative"--what a laugher! Only if one is an anarchist or communist could one consider the socialist propaganda factories of US and world media conservative. LOL
Wayne Icenhower's comments are precient and thoughtful. Only a fool would believe the US is a better place to live now than it was prior to women's suffrage.

Women need to be controlled, because periodically every woman is out of control if left to her own devices!

And, I agree, the American media machine is no better than Goebel's German lying apparatus.
Great comment, Mr. Icenhower!

All one has to do is look at the pathetic, caterwauling, hysterical fools like Pelosi and Boxer in Congress, and C. Rice cavorting around the globe selling out U.S. interests to recognize the pathetic nature of women in leadership roles!

What a disgrace to the men that went before providing such emotional and unenlightened malcontents to wail!

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