7 July 2005

Clearly we've had considerable success in the past using closed-circuit television footage to trace the movements of people involved

Given the ubiquitous preponderance of cameras in Britian, in lieu of the horrific bombing in London today, will cameras help catch the bombers?
Closed-circuit TV cameras track people in the British capital almost everywhere they go. Now, those recordings could help police determine who staged Thursday's bloody subway and bus explosions.

More than 6,000 cameras monitor the Underground subway network and 1,800 watch the city's train stations. Cameras also have been installed on some London buses.

Condolences to those affected by this savage act of wanton violence.

I cannot believe, however, that such evidence of the bombing has not been recorded, given the prevalence of cameras throughout the area. But, typically, the output of these implemented systems is for "official eyes only", and such secrecy and lack of transparency, I contend, is counterproductive. If all our eyes can be cast on subjects in a public setting, then there is nothing to fear. Otherwise, it is indeed a machination of "Big Brother".


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