2 July 2005

Rove Blew CIA Agent's Cover

The outing of Valerie Plame was done by that vile, chickenhawk, Nixonian dirty trickster, US President George W. Bush's senior advisor and deputy chief of staff, Karl Rove.
I revealed in yesterday's taping of the McLaughlin Group that Time magazine's emails will reveal that Karl Rove was Matt Cooper's source. I have known this for months but didn't want to say it at a time that would risk me getting dragged into the grand jury.

McLaughlin is seen in some markets on Friday night, so some websites have picked it up, including Drudge, but I don't expect it to have much impact because McLaughlin is not considered a news show and it will be pre-empted in the big markets on Sunday because of tennis.

Since I revealed the big scoop, I have had it reconfirmed by yet another highly authoritative source. Too many people know this. It should break wide open this week. I know Newsweek is working on an 'It's Rove!' story and will probably break it tomorrow.

Rove has a history of "fighting dirty". It will be interesting to see how this latest development is spun by the Kool-Aid drinkers…


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