15 June 2005

A receipt comes out and the transaction is done

RFID tags are the future and this large scale adoption of the technology for retail sales is going to be replicated all over.
Pizza Pizza's rollout is the largest quick-service food segment application of RFID technology in North America, but it won’t be the last. Where consumer throughput and transaction speed are a must, and modest ticket averages are common, RFID appears to be the wave of the payment future — a wave that could grab a large share of the market from comparably slower forms of cashless payment, such as credit and debit cards.

"When you look at a line at a McDonald’s or Wendy’s, that extra 2 to 3 seconds saved per customer is very important," said Paul Barron, editor of Louisville, Ky.-based QSRWeb.com. "And even though credit card companies are going to no-signature-required transactions, I think RFID is going to be the natural evolution of cashless payment … . It drives repeat visits and increases customer loyalty because people will go where it’s fastest."

I am surprised that supermarkets and retailers like Wal-Mart haven't already embraced this technology. It will eliminate jobs, as all that will be required is to move the cart forward and a detailed sales receipt can be forthcoming in a matter of seconds. All the personnel that will be required is monitoring of machine uptime (and a good bit of that task can be automated) and security.


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