29 May 2005

More people will live in rural settings, with technology enabling them to do almost anything they like, be it work or play, without leaving their homes

By 2020, a real estate crash will be in effect, due to advances in technology which will make rural areas much more desireable to live in, according to an "expert on human use of technology".
Despite these lifestyle trends, it will still be necessary to travel to central cities occasionally, and some people will continue to prefer urban life. But overall, the balance between remote regions and the center will change in favor of a more distributed lifestyle, resulting in a real estate crash.


I hate to tell ya this but Jakob Neilsen is a web usability expert, NOT a real estate expert. What he may know of social psychology as it applies to technology does NOT apply to the social psychology of real estate.

I work for a real estate firm; we buy demographic/statistical information and analysis all of the time. What does all of it say? Everyone is moving to cities - baby boomers especially - so that they can ditch their cars and live near theaters, restaurants, colleges/universities, museums, etc.

Regardless of the statistical analysis of how many people would LIKE to live near the beach or in the country, the fact remains that more people END UP living in cities. "Desire" and "occurance" are completely different things.
Ohh, I dunno ... With imperial foreign policy being on the move like it is, I'm thinking more and more about moving to the country ... the country of New Zealand, that is ...
E-mail I mailed tonight to an old work collegue:

Dear ----,

I have an old work number and just called you and confirmed you were still at this job.

Although I have many wonderful Arab friends, since you are the only person that I know from Iraq, I was hoping you could take a couple of minutes to respond to someone I know.

I argue a lot of politics, and am so strongly against the Iraq War and occupation. On a chat board, I was arguing with someone (kerrysucks) that at least 100,000 Iraqis have died.

In response, she wrote that:

"Most of those Iraqi Civilians are not the innocent, they are terrorists."

Posted on 04/11/05 at 16:52)
I showed her this picture in response:


The blood on the little girl's hands is her own parent’s blood.

Relating to this article:

What the Rest of the World Watched on Inauguration Day

She disgusts me and her views are morally repulsive to me. I will not talk to her again, but I wanted to write one last message to her, a message from you, ANONYMOUSLY, stating your feelings about what she wrote:

"Most of those Iraqi Civilians are not the innocent, they are terrorists."

You could do this on a home email address if you do not feel comfortable responding to me at work.

Again, I will not share your email or your name. I just wanted to know how you felt about this.

Thank you for lend me the book on the Gulf War. I promise that I am going to buy a copy and finish it. Lately I have been reading other books, about other American wars.

I wish you only the best.

I am now actively finding a different web blog, and hopefully, if I have the will power, will never read any messages here any longer -- including responses to this message--

Talking to Kerrysucks makes me depressed and disgusted -- like I need to take a shower. I don't need those kind of negative vibes in my life.

Two recent events in my life made me realize this.

FIRST, after the excellent and fulfilling e-mail discussion with a staunch conservative I found on amazon.com:


it really hit home something I always knew: how empty my discussions with Kerrysucks truly are.

SECOND, talking to conservative interns at work, I realized I could get the same responses from almost ANY conservative, without the emotional anger of Kerrysucks.

I realized the most striking thing about Kerrysucks is not her emotional anger, because there are many people on BOTH sides of the political debate just like her. The most striking thing about Kerrysucks it is how strikingly unoriginal her political thoughts are.

I could have virtually the same discussion with many American conservatives as I have with Kerrysucks. Further, I could have the same discussion with almost any American, liberal or conservative, about America’s role in the world and American history, with the same duplicate opinion as Kerrysucks. And the best part, is I could have these same discussions without the dark, biting, bitter, negativity that Kerrysucks radiates. So I realized, why continue to talk to Kerrysucks?

I hope to get a better reception on another blog-- with more logical and fact driven responses to my messages, without the unconscious, empty emotional responses of people like Kerrysucks.

I am sorry it has to be this way, especially since I have really learned to respect Mondo, and respect his opinions, as different as they are from my own.
Yes, Sean, I know Jakob Nielsen is a "useability expert".

And I don't dispute your statistics about the status of such affairs as are currently reflected.

But "working from home" and people opting out of the rat race is going to be a big future trend. I won't bet money on it, but I think lots of people want to get out, not that far out mind you, close enough so that it's not that big a crusade to get back into the city… …but who knows what the future holds…
Well I wish you the best.

Your responses are nothing BUT death, destruction and negativity! Notice the bloody pictures you post on this site. The tirades about how horrible this country you hate so much. You are simply one of the biggest, whiniest, hypocrites I have EVER met! You are nothing but a big baby. You want to be able to critique everyone's arguments, compare them to Nazi and al Queda and when some one stands up to you, you run crying from the room! You define emotional!

You haven't respected Mondo either, you just got done calling him a blood thirsty war monger a few days ago!

I just hit a few points home with you, and you can't take it. Liberals (whatever) can't take it when people call them out. You want it both ways, you want to be able to trash America and continue to live here and reaps its benefits. What you want is your cake and to eat it too.

I love you nice scientific study of ONE person in Iraq! LOL!
Well Trav, it has been real and it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun! LOL!
Good morning, everyone, I notice that the TRAVesty of Mr Bailey's psychotic rants have brought an end to civil dialogue on this website.
He'll make a perfect gopher to Ramsey Clark, they both hate hate hate hate hate.......
Mondo and Kerrysucks, I hope all goes well with you. I wondered how long it would be before you two left this site as well.
CALatina was a very nice person, in my opinion. She was passionate about her beliefs, but always started with a hello, and never took umbrage.

Good luck to all. I'm gone again. I'll browse AZSite once in awhile, as I do with many other bloggers. But my days are done with this dialogue thing. Not worth the vicious sentiment of the psycho liberal (Trav). Naum, Phrank, CALatina, good luck to all of you.
Have a good summer and take care. Kerrysucks, apparently, there is a new blog called CAConfidential.com by state Sen. Campbell. Might be worth a look since you're in the Golden State.
Hello Neocon!

Good to see you! I will defiantly check out that site! Thanks! Mondo is taking a little breather, but I am still around.

I too like CaLatina, she is respectful!

I don't think Trav will be back, he is taking a shower because I disgust him so. Oh well, I hope he doesn't use up all the water.

I think things will go back to the way they were before the "ass" (this is what he labeled himself) decided to come on this website. I declared war and him, and my main goal was to expose him for what he is; a whiney little bitch, So MIssion Accomplished! :) LOL!

I think the rest of us can get back to the civil discourse!

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