17 May 2005

This plan will further depress salaries, and will increase poverty and unemployment among entry-level workers

David Decherd of Mesa writes to the Arizona Republic on why the recent McCain-Kennedy immigration proposal is a bad tonic for American workers.
The main problem I have with the McCain-Kennedy immigration proposal is found in Sen. John McCain's assertion that there are jobs that Americans will not do at any price.

This simply is not true. Americans will do any task, if the payoff is worth it.

McCain's proposal requires an employer to advertise an opening and, if no citizen takes the job, the employer can hire a migrant. There is no requirement to offer a market wage. An entry-level citizen worker might not want to pick lettuce for $6 an hour, but might consider it for $12. But the lettuce company need only offer the job at $6, and then bring in out-of-country labor when no citizen takes the job at that price.

Whenever you hear "jobs Americans will not do", the question is bogus, as they lump off the phrase "at any price".


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