6 May 2005

In North Carolina, you can get barred from church for not voting Republican

Churchgoers being barred from the East Waynesville (NC) Baptist Church for being Democrats.

View the WLOS-TV video (WMP).

Very sad, to see so-called Christians embrace such dogma. Neither party is the sole recipient of God's blessing, and it can be argued that the Republicans have been less Christian in their actions, considering their disregard of those in poverty and love for bloodlust.


Not that any of those Chrisitans would know this, but 80-130 years ago those same Chrisitans would be Democrats.
Um democrats of even 60 years ago would be republicans of today, and prior to that even more so conservative. Democrats of today are nothing related to those of today.
Should read "related to those of 80-130 years ago"
Uhh its their right. The ACLU would reluctantly agree. Why are you such commies?

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