16 April 2005

The sad part is that the American people have been so sheeplike

An excellent column by Charley Reese regarding the immoral invasion and occupation of Iraq.
It would pay us all to remember that the war in Iraq was both unjust and illegal. We launched a war of aggression against a country that was not attacking us, did not have the means to attack us, and had never expressed any intention of attacking us.

Thus, America's attack against Iraq is the same as Germany's attack against Poland in 1939. We were the aggressor, pure and simple, and for whatever real reason we attacked Iraq, it was not to save America from any danger, imminent or otherwise.


" No sane leader of any nation in the world can trust America anymore. We have demonstrated that if we desire to attack a nation, we will fabricate the excuse and attack it, despite international law and international opinion. We have demonstrated that a nation need not provoke us or threaten us to become a victim of our aggression. We have said to the world that the only law we respect is the law of the jungle, and that might makes right. That's why so many people consider us to be a rogue nation and a threat to world peace."

God does anyone in America read history? How can this jack ass "Charley Reese" say this? America's history is full of America "fabricat(ing) the excuse and attack (any country)". What a complete moron, the sad thing is, most patriotic liberals probably believe it. I think there out to be a law that these ignorant journalist should be required to take several college level American history courses before they can op-ed.

Shame on Reese and shame on the American people for being so ignorant of their own shameful history.

There is that popular saying:
"Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it."
--From the liberal (I believe) George Santayana (An author recommended by a liberal friend in our now burned politcal bridges)

I am absolutly horrified at how the Iraq war is so similar to the Philippine war that I am reading about right now. What recently has shocked me is the blind patriotism, the fevor of the American people as the Philippine people are massacred.

Wife yelling at me to study...