31 March 2005

KFNX is going in a different direction

Changes are a brewing at KFNX 1100 AM, and it looks like a big shakeup is about to commence and it appears that the station will return to brokered programming aka infomercials, as it was when the recycled program director was heading the operation before.
Bob Mohan announced today his will do his last KFNX radio show this Friday from NOON-2p.m.

The assault on the airwaves, that is the result of this programming decision should be grounds for FCC revoking their license. I thought that the radio airwaves belonged to the public and programming should reflect the public interest, not to whet the desires of neo-nazi groups and snake oil salesmen.


I don't understand, Naum. Who are the neo-nazis? Does this mean Newcomb, and whats-her-face in the morning are gone, as well (not that aI listen too much).
You're right though. Since when do people actually take the time to listen to goddamned infomercials? WTF? Does anyone WATCH them (okay, I watched the Carson video commercials)?

I'll say this for KFNX; when it comes to local radio, they re much better than the others. Even with Newcomb, who's as entertaining as John Sebastian was. It looks like I'll be listening to 960 now (no locals, all syndicated).

Sorry, but Goyette has flown the coop. Naum, can't you talk to Straus and convince him to return? It hasn't been the same without his show.
Before KFNX added Newcomb, Goyette, Mohan, others, etc.…, its programming was dominated by "brokered programming" (though Newcomb got his start that way too) which included the whackiest folking, including a bonafide, neo-nazi hate group that paid for its weekly segment along with cat litter salesman, miracle nutritional supplements, etc...
Oh, rumors on the internets say Newcomb is going to land a spot at Air America in the 7p - 9p shift, joining Goyette who occupies the 7a - 10a slot.

In fact, I think I'm going to write a lengthy roundup piece on 1010 programming, though some of you righties may not care so much. (Though I wouldn't call Goyette a lefty, he's more of an opportunistic liberatarian that'll take shots at anything and anybody for a small ratings spike).

Al Franken show (10a-1p) is the best that talk radio offers IMV. It's entertaining, informative with lots of knowledgable guests (yes, with its share of partisan columnists) and in general, the complete anti-thesis of Limbaugh/Savage shows.

I'm not so sold on the other shows other than maybe Goyette if he has an interesting guest on or Ed Schultz.
Al Franken is probably the most interesting. If Newcomb gets on, I wonder if it'll be local. The other syndicated hosts are all psychotic (Randy Rhodes, the crackpot late night who hates talking to conservatives, etc.). Ed Schultz is okay, I suppose.

I don't listen exclusively, but Franken did have a good show regarding Soc Security and what FDR intended (the Brit Hume flap).

I completely agree with you on Goyette. Aye...If Newcomb goes syndicated (he has the talent, compared to the other blowhards), I hope he doesn't go unhinged, or worse than he has. He'll become a liberal Michael Savage.
Mike Malloy-that's the carckpot on late night. He's as bad as Randy Rhodes (she does have a better photo on the website).

Now I see Jerry Springer is coming on board Air America. How will they broadcast the ugly freaks showing off their 100 pound boobs and kicking the shit out of their boyfriends lovers who also live with them?
[sigh] Well, it was fun while it lasted. KFNX started out with great promise, lining up Goyette, Mohan, "Doc Nukem," even Sydney Hay and John (aharraghem ... ahem) Dayl. I certainly didn't agree with everything every one of them said (I guess Goyette came closest), but after KFNX got its local line-up together, it had VARIETY. KFYI puts on something they call a "Talk Radio Smackdown" every month or so ... who're they KIDDING?! They're all pro-Bush, pro-GOP, pro-War sycophants! Now a "Smackdown" involving KFNX's local hosts would have been a SMACKDOWN!

But then, someone in the hierarchy 1) let Goyette get away, and 2) decided to drop most of the local voices for the same old tired, nationally-syndicated neo-cons that everyone else uses. I e-mailed the station manager about it a few months ago, he said the high muckity-mucks liked the fact that the "syndicateds" cost much less to air than the local talent.


I've followed Goyette to Air America. And while I'm no fan of their other talent, I DO appreciate the fact that they're trying to break the GOP NeoCon stranglehold on talk radio.

I just happened to tune into Mohan today, because it's been waaaay to long since I listened to Blow Out the Phones ... and I hear him and his callers kissing goodbye again! AAAaaaarrrgh! (Oh well, he said he needs to tend to his ailing mother in Hotlanta ... I can absolutely respect that.)

And last, AMEN to whoever said they want Straus back -- maybe I'll look him up and give him a call or drop him an e-mail, just to say "Hi"! And you know what? I know he'll remember me! Even though I disagreed with most of his views, I loved his willingness to engage in genuine give-and-take discussion as opposed to rank demagogery.
what happened to michael savage show??
I think he's moving to KFYI M-F 7-10p

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