27 January 2005

Sediment in the water?

Maybe the recent Phoenix water debacle was the result of a security lapse that resulted in a terrorist attack.

I've lived here since 1978, and nothing of this sort has ever happened, and yet it has rained, and water-treamtent plants have been shut. Ask some tough questions, Republic. At best this is a story of corporate contamination.

I assure you, it is not "sediment."

Perhaps it's just a little paranoia.

The same people who masterminded the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, set out to give the people of Phoenix the runs.

What next? Maybe they will increase the uric acid in our food supply and give us all gout!

I need to get into the bomb-shelter business because there is obviously a market for them with the amount of fear in this country.


I don't doubt this problem was a result of incompetance on the part of some people, perhaps Mayor Gordon in some respect...but Terrorism? Yeah, and Monkeys can fly out of my ***! (Barry Young is incensed with the incompetance of this city...oh that poor man has nothing else to discuss........). The way I see it...live and learn. This probably won't happen again. Just like last years freak reaction to the gas shortage (stupid people are a dime a dozen in Arizona).

Naum, were you just a little humored, like I was seeing crowds at the stores gobbling up water as if this was the end? Laughing at the news of people calling in frantically wondering if they would die? I'm sorry if this sounds callous.; maybe I'm just out of touch.

Personally, I forgot the warnings; brushed my teeth (oh my); drank a glass (Good God, y'all) and even gave a dish of water to my precious dog (gasp).