13 January 2005

Get a Mac for Less

The Mac mini or Mini Mac. Under $500, two inches tall, six inches wide, it simply blows away any comparable discount machines that the Windows/Intel platform can offer.

My only gripe about it is the lackluster video card, with only 32 megabytes of memory, but for a general purpose surf, email & write documents machine, it is a splendid deal, with none of the ugly baggage that accompanies Windows machines — viruses, spyware infections, klunky tools. Heck, the software that comes bundled with the Mac mini is worth the $499 alone.


Naum, let me ask you a few questions:

Does this machine run MS Office Apps?
in other words, can I take work home from my Windows-run office (Word 2000) and open shit up under this system, save and take it back to work?

Is this machine fully compatabile w/Windows crap?
will this require any major upgrades, changes, etc.?

Just what do games require for Video Ram anymore?

I thought 32MB was pretty good.
Good lord, I'm way off the Tech Bandwagon w/ my 600MhZ Pent III, 16 MB VRam, 128MB Ram Machine.....aye karumba.
Yes, I run MS Office (MS makes MS office for Macs too, and many Mac apps can read Word/Excel docs and import them) on all my Macs, including the iMac I bought for Mrs. Naum. A word doc is a word doc and you can send to your Mac friends and Windows friends, and for 99% of the cases, it should work fine, except perhaps for some esoteric style stuff but I have yet to encounter that condition.

As far as being "fully compatable" with Windows "crap", I'm not sure what the question is -- Windows apps will only run Windows though you can run Virtual PC (like running XP on your Mac) for some stuff.

32M for a video card is pretty paltry by today's standards, even my Powerbook has 64M (and the new PBs, although outdated in many respects, offer 128M ATI video card capability). Some of the new fangled video games require 64M+ for all the 3-D graphical goodness.

But games is the one software area where Macs are lacking -- many games are Windows only or the ports come 3 months to 2 years later. Still, between World of Warcraft, Civ3, Dominions 2, Shadowbane, I've had enough gaming to keep me from posting regular blog entries here ;(
Civ 3, eh? After I mastered the first Civ and CivII, I was too burned out to go after Civ III. I mean, when you have tanks and railroads at 150AD, something has to give.

I loved Age of Empires for awhile, but after Josh was born, I haven't had time for anything. Although, a good networked round of Quake III is good for the soul once in awhile.

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