23 December 2004

The idea that somebody would spend $50,000 for a cat when they can go to any shelter and rescue one is absurd

Woman pays $50,000 for a clone of her cat Nicky.
The creation and subsequent sale of Little Nicky is the first commercial transaction of a cloned pet by the Sausalito-based biotechnology company Genetic Savings and Clone. Critics fear the purchaser of the copied cat could be the first of a stampede of bereft pet owners.

The only detectable difference between the 9-week-old kitten and its predecessor, according to the owner, is the $50,000 cost.

"I see absolutely no differences between Little Nicky and Nicky," gushed the new owner, Julie, shortly after the transaction. An airline employee in her 40s, the resident of Dallas requested that her last name not be used. "When Little Nicky yawned, I even saw two spots inside his mouth -- just like Nicky had."

What a twisted world we inhabit, where let alone the fact that thousands of domesticated pets are euthanized, children starve as food rots in warehouses. Capitalism is a instituted system devoid of morals and values.


Agree whole heartedly, Naum. This is pathetic and shallow. On a philosophical note I also want to say that I completely oppose any notion of cloning-on both religious and simply natural themes.
The religious is obvious. The nature theme is also fairlyobvious.
Once upon a time (ca 100,000 to 10,000 y.a.), man hunted and gathered. The life expectancy, governed by nature, was approximately 30-40years max. The population density on the planet was balanced, so to speak. Then we decided to plunge into agriculture. Our numbers increased exponentially, though the life expectancy was still shitty (bad sanitary conditions).
Then along came industrialization (start from the reformation period). After the Great Plague between 1347-ca 1400, sanitary conditions improved, food became softer and easily digested, populations increased evenmore exponentially (despite large epidemics in New World populations).
The 20th century has seenthe largest expansion and increase of life expectancy to date. Medical advances will ensure we live beyond 90 years by the time I'm an old fart. Meanwhile, dreadful conditions in the Third World oddly result in huge population densities......
We've already broken the fragile rules of nature by living beyond our natural years. Cloning, even formedical matters (organ replacement) will only result in longer life-spans and increased populations.
When will it STOP!!!!!!! Isay outlaw ALL cloning, even if it means we can't put a quarter in the goddamn vending machine and get a new liver in 30 years. Let's stop fucking with nature and messing with religious dogma and values. Let's stop, take a breath and accept that we live and die.....
Thislady in the photo is a sick woman, as well as stupid, selfish and downright cruel. Naum, you're absolutely right! Sacrifice how many needy catsfor a genetic clone. I hope it goes Pet Cemetery on her and eats her plastic face and silicone boobs!

That's all I'm going to sayabout that.