23 November 2004

Spyware and adware can prove quite difficult to remove, even for dedicated anti-spyware scanners

Even the best anti-spyware scanner missed at least a quarter of stuff it should have cleaned up.

Another reason to put your trust in alternative operating systems, or one unburdened by proprietary hooks. And drop Microsoft Internet Explorer in lieu of Mozilla or Firefox.


The flaw in this theory is that every operating system has "attacks", just as every web-browser has them. If you want to avoid spyware/spamware/crapware TOTALLY, and you can't tell when to click and when NOT to click ,you must disconnect your computer from any other computer indefinitely.

People who are the 'net will always get hit with something. I have spent the better (or worse, depending on the day) part of 12 years doing netowrking and the like. I still get one occasionally.

In fact, I got one when I was running FireFox. (under windows, yes)
I even got a virus under linux...

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