13 November 2004

The Scott Peterson Effect

I am just curious; For those of you who do NOT believe that life begins at conception, what do you think about the Redwood, CA. jury finding Scott Peterson guilty of "second-degree murder" in the death of the UNBORN "baby Peterson"?

At a minimum, it must make one think about the potential ramifications of this verdict.

I think it is interesting that Peterson was charged with the murder of his Unborn child. For years now, pro-choice extremists have maintained that the unborn life is; a "fetus", a "life-form", an "embryo", a "fertilized egg", all of which are euphemism's too deny that it is "Life" In the Peterson case, the baby was unborn, yet Scott was found guilty of second-degree murder of the "fetus". Abortion, OK, second-degree murder, not OK.

In 2004 it is outrageous that we even need to have the abortion discussion, isn't it? Adoption, has always been one "option." Additionally, I believe we would better serve society by offering more advanced sex education in our schools, to prevent unwanted pregnancies, (and here's a novel concept), BEFORE they occur. I will go so far as to say that every high school should have free condoms available to anyone requesting them. I wouldn't mind supporting that expenditure with my taxes. I know that someone may say that in doing so promotes sexual activity. Wrong! I support abstinence, until marriage, but lets be real, those who are going to have sex, will do so regardless. And, those who are not going to engage in sex, will not.

So, abortion of a "FETUS" OK?, but Second-degree murder, of the same "FETUS" not OK. Huh??


I smell a Supreme Court decision here. Ironically, this sentence was handed down in a "BLUE" state. Hmmmmm....