22 August 2002

Right Wing Radio, Corporate Shills and Astroturf

It seems that the KXAM Conversations with John Dayl program has turned into nothing more than an extended infomercial for extreme right wing shills like the CATO Institute and shameful astroturf lobbyist groups like the 60 Plus Association who portray themselves as grass roots alternative retiree organization, but are merely fabrications of the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, financial, and insurance lobbies. Dressed up to look like citizens groups, they are PR arms of corporate lobbyists to frame a picture of populist sentiment for advocating measures that are in many instances not in alignment with the American public wishes.

This is what is wrong with government. The taint of big money - it's a vicious triangle, with the deeply funded think tanks promoting their political agenda, set primarily by corporate and/or commercial interests, funneling money into the coffers of politicians. It's justifiably decried, but where is the outrage on the monies that flow into the lobby groups from these organizations? I'm not talking about groups like the NRA and the NEA - I'm centering my view on the think tanks like CATO, Heritage Foundation and the astroturf groups like Global Climate Coalition (a supposed environmental group that basically echoes the interest of the coal industry), junkscience.com (and the worthless piece of scum that runs that, financed by CATO dollars), Microsoft funded groups like the National Taxpayers Union, etc.. The 60plus group can be included as one of the more egregious examples. Even the far right American Spectator called their fund raising tactics "shady". In 1995, they took in 1.3 million from citizens, but 60plus only kept $93,000 the rest went to archconservative Richard Viguerie.

Yet these organizations toss terms like non-partisan and independent when nothing could be further than the truth. The president, James Martin, tossed out other national privatized programs as illustrative examples for social security reform in the U.S., but the truth is those programs have been failures. The administrative costs in privatized systems, such as the ones in England and Chile, are more than 1500 percent higher than those of the U.S. system. But what enrages me is the disingenuous ploys these individuals and organizations in intentionally obscuring the notion that they are acting on a political agenda checklist, which has the interests of its big money suitors in mind, not the American citizen.

In the first hour of Dayl's program today, the guest was a CATO Institute shill, Charlotte Twight, whose latest book Dependent on DC chronicles the growth of government and the evils of big government. These people blindly prattle on about the ills of big government, yet never acknowledge that most all of the technological improvements in standard of living, condition of life, etc. would not have been possible without firsthand government involvement. Transistors, the internet, interstate highways, the weapons systems that defend our freedom all were directly attributable to the work of government, at least before the technology was given away to private enterprise to profit from. I suggest that promoting debate on the issues is a healthy deal but just polluting the airwaves with paid political pandering seems an affront to decency and intelligence.

And the irony is that most of these conservative cacklers continuously affirm the need for voters to enlighten themselves on the issues. Yet they spoon feed them the same soup of sprue that their elected legislators shovel at them.


"These people blindly prattle on about the ills of big government, yet never acknowledge that most all of the technological improvements in standard of living, condition of life, etc. would not have been possible without firsthand government involvement."

What a load of nonsense. Government is no more than the social instrument of compulsion and coercion. It's about force, that's all. Your argument 160 years ago would have been that the slaveowners were a great boon to the economy: the South wouldn't have anything except that the masters force the slaves to produce.

I always have to wonder if left-liberals really want what they claim: gov't to initiate, run, regulate, and dispose of everyone and everything ... because gov't is the source of all wisdom, creativity and moral greatness.
I happened to stumble onto this big mess entirely by accident and without really wanting to, but here I am and I realized as I dug deeper due to my situation looking for the whys and wheres, Here I am. My explanation is as follows: Sorry if this long:

I wound up with sick building syndrome resulting in multiple chemical sensitity whereas I now have central nervous system damage, respiratory damage, chronic fatigue and endocrine disruption with a really heightened sense of smell now.

As I dug deeper after a few rejections from the conventional medical community who said MCS didn't exist and IgE didn't show anything and they suggested a psychiatrist, I gradually dug up more and more information.

I found out about Stephen Barrett, Ronald Gotts, Elizabeth Whelan (she's really slick), Steven Milloy, John Stossel, Michael Fumento (he's particularly venomous/I was surprised he went afer Erin Brocovitch like he did) <chromium 6 harmful or not> and even Billy Moyers and even Dean Edell.

Between all of them, their consensus of MCS is we're psychosomatic lazy malingerers who are out for special attention, money, control, are chemophobes and have "Mass Hysteria."

Also, the conventional medical community is mostly funded by the drug companies of which quite a few make pesticides, so they have spokespeople saying the bogus stuff about MCS as well and they were also busy lobbying Washington.

So as a result, almost Nobody Believes us, not our employers, fellow employers, most of our friends and even family rejects us for the most part so we're out in Health Hell Limbo Land still expected to work but nobody will help us.

Never mind that they could start training more in the toxicoloy field and find out why we're not detoxifying like we should and research to see if we're either low or lacking enzymes such as cholinesterace and/or paraoxenase or even if we have something wrong with P450 pathways or have this "smoldering porphyria". At least it would be a start, if they would just look and instead of ridculing or denigrating us.

So, with more and more research, I found out more about these institutes, think tanks and what not and it was actually quite shocking to me, but it did give me a greater understanding of why I would up like I did.

I'm also suprised to some degree that some of these institutes would let our economy go down the toilet with all this outsourcing to India and whatnot and I wonder really what for. I'm sure Carly Fiorina and Larry Ellison are quite wealthy now and(IndiaPac) was a real shocker to me as well.

Aren't industries fairly wealthy to begin with? What's with all the avarice and greed? The government is supposed to be "We the people, for the people, by the people", NOT, "We the rich, for the rich and by the rich."

Wow, it seemed to me that the more I dug up, the worse it got. Wow, I thought the government was supposed to protect and work for its citizens. It doesn't seem like that at all right now. This was all quite an eye opener for me all right.

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